Wednesday, July 18, 2012

American Queen Cruises Past Wellsville

The steamboat, the American Queen out of Nashville, TN, came past Wellsville yesterday evening.    It was on a voyage to Pittsburgh.  That voyage originated in Louisville, KY, with seven overnights and six stops scheduled along the way, according to their web site. 

It should be passing through again today enroute to Cincinnati on a four night cruise with two stops scheduled.  On July 22 it will start toward Pittsburgh one more time.  This time it will be five overnights with four stops scheduled.  Those three cruises feature music from the 1960s for entertainment.  When it leaves Pittsburgh on July 27 the entertainment will feature Big Band music. 

That last cruise will conclude in Louisville.  From there it the steamboat will be heading on south.

It’s kind of nostalgic seeing a steamboat pass by Wellsville.  Here are some pictures of the ship taken when it passed the Wellsville River Museum.  According to one post on FaceBook the smokestacks were lowered when they went through the New Cumberland Locks yesterday.

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Jerry Hay said...

The American Queen is actually out of Memphis, TN not Nashville.

Jerry Hay said...

The American Queen's home port is Memphis, not Nashville.

************* said...

Thanks for setting the record straight Jerry...

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