Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pretty Boy Floyd On The Run

Probably one of the livelier murals painted on Wellsville’s floodwall is one currently being worked on by artist Gina Hampson.  It’s Pretty Boy Floyd running from the Feds. 

Floyd was captured and killed in a shootout on the Conkle Farm out near Calcutta after his car broke down passing through Wellsville.  At the time he was on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

The mural is not yet completed but showing Floyd stepping out of the mural in an attempt to escape caught our eye.  We wanted to share it with you.

ole nib


Phil L. said...

Awesome mural! The artist did a great job of capturing the effect of the figure jumping out of the picture.

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful mural! Very "unique."
(Thanks again for your coverage of the 'ville news!)

DREAMER said...

Gina (the artist) was painting yesterday and said that a dog was barking at Pretty Boy thinking he was coming at him. Gina said it was very funny. After looking at the mural, I have to agree that because Pretty Boy is life size and in 3 D, it looks real. The best mural yet!

Anonymous said...

Pretty Boy Floyd mural is my favorite one. Gina did a fantastic job on this one. Real lifelike!