Wednesday, June 27, 2012

National School Lunch Week - 1965

From an October 14, 1965, article in the Wellsville Press that we stumbled across yesterday at the River Museum...

There is a lot of familiar names in the piece on the right about Wellsville School cooks.  How many do  you recognize?

Ricky Ross today still uses that experience he picked up back then and his sister Susie pitches in occasionally.

We left the piece about the Cardinal smoke stack in Brilliant as a bonus trivia piece.

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Phil L. said...

Thanks for the interesting item! I'm pleased to note I recognize a few names, even though I wasn't in the Wellsville school system very long.

It was also curious to see the article about the tall chimney at the Brilliant plant - which would be surpassed 5 years later at the W H Sammis plant, just a few miles from Wellsville.