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Wellsville School District News

Even though school is out for the summer the Wellsville School District administrators and Board of Education continue to forge ahead with business as usual.  Although we have been attending the meetings regularly we thought at the beginning of summer that if a reporter is present we wouldn’t duplicate their efforts.  Unfortunately it (the reports) hasn’t been working out to our satisfaction.  The Board had their last regular meeting on June 18 and had a Special meeting on June 28.  BOE President Karen Dash presided at both.

At the last regular meeting Bill Crawford of Team Mojo (pictured here) explained the mission of the non-profit charitable organization and asked for the District’s support.  Team Mojo holds regular fund raising events all through the tri-state area and the money raised goes to support young people who can’t afford to participate in activities requiring extra expenditures.  For example if a student has to buy their own track shoes to be on a team, Team Mojo tries to furnish the shoes if they can’t afford them.  They try to provide pay-to-play fees for deserving children, camp fees, etc.   For more information on Team Mojo check out their web site.  They will be back in town this fall with another 5K in town. 

On the financial side Treasurer Coleen Wickham reported the General Fund ended the month of May with a $1.6 million.  Interest earned on investments in May was $2,928 and Fiscal Year-to-date was $31,808.  General Set-asides were untouched in May and carry a balance of $719,477.  The Board authorized that $6,000 be moved from the General Fund to the cafeteria fund.  It’s for “just in case” and won’t be moved unless needed according Mrs. Wickham.  A final appropriation for FY2012 for $13.7 million was approved. 

Mrs. Dash reported that close to $50,000 in scholarships was awarded to graduating seniors at this year’s Class Day.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Board for the recognition we received at Class Day.  Although we think there are others more deserving we were deeply honored.

Mrs. Dash also reported that there are 15 students attending summer school preparing to retake various portions of the Ohio Graduation Test.  Students must have passing grades in all sections of the test to be eligible to receive their diploma.  The Middle School Special Ed department got 20 i-pads through the Closing the Gap Grant program.  They will be used for math courses.  Staff members will get in-service training on how to best utilize those “newfangled” things.   There were 18 students in grades 3 through 7 attending summer classes in the Middle School.  Mrs. Lisa Feguson reported that 73 awards were given to Garfield Elementary students including four that had perfect attendance for the just concluded school year.  Also, a grant for $83,000 was received toward the new student proficiency program being implemented at the elementary school. 

In his Legislative Update report Tom Brophey advised the State General Assembly is still working when normally they would be on summer recess.  Among the items on the agenda in Columbus is the strongly opposed SB316 that pertains to allowing for more charter schools.  The bill is opposed by the Ohio School Board Assoc.  Another item garnering attention is the Cleveland Plan. 

Mrs. Betty Ann Phillips was recognized for being the new president of the Wellsville Teacher’s Assoc.  Mrs. Phillips succeeds Darlene Allison in that position.  The Board also expressed thanks to WHS Girls Varsity Basketball Head Coach Ed Swogger for his time and dedication for spearheading another successful Summer League. 

Report for the Buildings & Grounds Committee was given by Ed Bauer on various summer projects being worked on.  Gymnasium lights in all three buildings are being replaced through a program recommended by American Electric Power.  The new lights should brighten up the gyms plus be more energy efficient.  The roof on Garfield is being recoated.  At Daw Middle School the playground surface is being leveled and resurfaced. New lights are also being installed in the Daw library.   The high school parking lot will be sealed and relined.  Banners have been ordered to decorate the light poles.  The Wrestling Room at the stadium will have the ridge vent repaired to stop the roof leaks.  There is a committee working on raising funds to make additional improvements to the Wrestling Room in honor of the late Darryl Nightengale.  All work sanctioned by the BOE will be paid for out of the Capital Maintenance Fund.  At the end of May that fund carried a balance of $338,984.

A resolution was passed adopting a Calamity Day alternative allowing up to three make-up days to be made up with on-line computer work.  That plan is in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 3313.88.

In personnel moves approved were supplemental duty assignments with Diane Baker as Detention Monitor, Dawn Noell as Future Teachers advisor and Carissa Wilcox as Y-Teens advisor.  Darlene Allison was appointed teacher mentor for Aaron Bunfill and Marilyn Carr for Brandi Brown.  Coaching assignments approved were Rob Long – Varisity Football assistant, Derek Thompson – Varsity Vounteer, Bruce Harris & Richie Sloan – Daw Volunteers.  For Basketball Bug Thompson was brought back for Boys Varsity & Boys Elementary.  Lonnie Fields – Varsity Assistant and John Stoakes & Jason Carter as Volunteers.  Randy Thrasher will coach Boys 8th Grade & Emory Brewer will handle the Boys 7th Grade.  Janele Spann was named football cheerleading advisor.  Steve Lasure was renamed Head Varsity Wrestling coach along with James Malone as Varsity Assistant.  Charles Fisher will coach the Daw Wrestling Team. 

A three day camping field trip to Camp Fitch in September for 5th & 6th Graders was approved.  Camp Fitch is located on Lake Erie.  A Nursing Preceptor agreement was approved with Franciscan Univ.  Tom Brophey was named as the delegate to the Ohio School Boards Capital Conference to be held in November.  Karen Dash is the alternative.  Not mentioned was the retirement of High School Principal Linda Rolley and the public meeting scheduled for August 2 at 6:30 PM in the Superintendent’s Office. The public meeting is to consider rehiring Ms. Rolley as the High School principal.  According to the Legal Ad that appeared in The Review Ms. Rolley is applying to be rehired to the same position.  The ad and public hearing is in accordance with ORC 3307.353.

The meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.  The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 16 at 6:30 PM in the Superintendent’s Office.  That office is located at 929 Center St.

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