Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wellsville Looking At Property Inspection Ordinances

Chairman John Marrow brought his fellow committee members up to date in a meeting Tuesday afternoon of Wellsville’s Claims, Rules and Ordinance Committee.  The meeting took in Council Chambers at Wellsville’s Village Hall.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss progress of creating an ordinance similar to East Liverpool’s rental property inspection rules.  If passed by Council the ordinance will establish a position of an inspector of all rental properties in the village.  The new position would be financed with an annual fee that landlords will have to pay for each unit they rent. 

Morrow estimates there are currently nearly 200 rental units in the Village with more being planned.  He proposed that the new inspector would be scheduled for 12 hours per week noting that a $50 per unit annual inspection fee would pay for wages and other expenses.  Morrow also suggested that if an ordinance is passed during the summer months a deadline of the first of the year could be established as the effective date for fees to be paid and an inspector be hired.  It is hoped to hire someone knowledgeable in housing construction.  The job will be advertised for applications of all those interested.

The new ordinance will have stipulations for non-compliance fines, late fees and other clauses pertaining to illicit activities.   It is hoped to put some teeth in already existing Village ordinances with the goal of cleaning up properties neglected by the so called “slum lords”.

Morrow said his next step would be to check with the Village Legal Advisor on any possible liability issues.  Once all the details are ironed out he will propose legislation be ordered in by the full Village Council.  Committee members Don Brown and Tonda Ross agreed to proceed with the proposal. 

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Anonymous said...

Great idea Councilman Morrow ! Hopefully you and Council can work out the details and make it happen. Hard to believe that we have over 200 rentals in Wellsville.