Friday, July 6, 2012

Wellsville Floodwall Murals Dedication Rescheduled

Wellsville Revitalization Committee President Candy Bangor announced Thursday evening that the dedication ceremony planned for the floodwall murals has been rescheduled.  The original date was Saturday, July 14.  The popular local band Route 45 was to provide the entertainment to wrap up the planned activities.  Due to unforeseen circumstances the band was forced to cancel their engagement for that evening.  At their meeting last night the Revitalization Committee voted to stay with the Wellsville area band and to reschedule the planned dedication.

The new date for the dedication ceremony has been set for Saturday, September 15.  The ceremony will begin with dedication of the floodwall murals at the Pete Amato Boardwalk at 6:30 PM.  Activities will then move to Wellsville's SOI Lodge with a cocktail hour scheduled to begin at 7:30 PM.  At 9 PM the Route 45 band will take the stage.

The floodwall murals project was the brain child of former Mayor Joe Surace.  The idea was born after seeing something similar while visiting New Orleans. Thinking of Wellsville’s floodwalls the Wellsville Revitalization Committee was formed in 2004.  The goal was to hopefully attract visitors to the village that would support village businesses.  The new committee commissioned artist Gina Hampson of Gina’s Burning Brush to begin painting the subscribed murals.  What were once just drab concrete walls has now been transformed into beautiful works of art depicting many historical scenes of Wellsville’s past. Hampson has been the only artist working on the murals.  Other than maintaining them the project is nearly completed after eight years of dedicated effort.  It’s mission accomplished for the committee on this project. 

We’ll have more on the dedication ceremony as time draws near.  Bangor asks that anyone who purchased tickets for the July date to contact their seller.   Pictured here are one of the first to be painted.  It shows Abe Lincoln speaking to Wellsville residents while enroute to Washington for his inauguration.  

ole nib


Anonymous said...

Smart move to change the date, Route 45 band is excellent and always brings a good crowd. Good luck with your plans !

blogdawg said...

Thanks for the post Nib. Just to clarify...the murals were not the brain child of former mayor Joe Surace. The committee brought the idea to him and he loved it. he did say they reminded him of murals in N.O. I know because i was there in his office when we asked him about it. The person who actually brought the idea up first to the committee was the late John Gates. The committee did some research on the murals in Portsmith, ohio, decided to go with it and approached the mayor. The mayor was very supportive and sought permission from the Corp of Engineers. If he had not been so enthused and supportive, it never would have happened. In the long run, it does not matter whose idea it was..I feel sure that lots of people thought about doing something like that. Beleive me, we had many people tell us it had been they're idea. It does not matter, but it seems right just to set the record straight and to give John credit where credit is due because he was once a vital, energetic and passionate man who really loved Wellsville and would be so proud to see the wall finished if he was still with us.

Beverly, Secretary of WRC said...

Dedication at the Flood Wall is at 6:30 pm.

Anonymous said...

Yes Surace did love to boast about the floodwall, but many were aware that is was not his idea.