Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wellsville Village Council Meets

Memorial Council President Don Brown presents Wellsville
Mayor Susan Haugh a plaque listing the names of Village POWs

 In a brief, 19 minute meeting last night Wellsville Council took care of business and went home.  Except for John Morrow all Council members were present.  Also attending was Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Village Administrator Thom Edgell, Legal Advisor Andy Beech and Zoning Administrator Rick Williams.  Morrow was reported to be working and was excused. 

In his report, Village Administrator Thom Edgell displayed pictures of water ponding at the doors to the Village Hall basement during rain storms.  With the storm sewer clogged up it would seep under the doors and flood the basement.  Allison Construction installed a new catch basin and cleared the sewer lines which seem to be working.  Except for some landscaping once the dirt settles the Highland Avenue project is completed.  Councilwoman Diane Dinch thanked Edgell for having the yellow curbs painted in the business district. 

In a year-to-date report Zoning Administrator Rick Williams reported that 32 Zoning Permits, 42 contractor licenses, a couple of demolition permits and a couple of vendor licenses have been sold this year.  Mayor Susan Haugh commended Williams for his job well done.

Finance Committee Chairwoman Dinch got approval for the Fiscal Officer to pay bills amounting to $40,383.  She also advised that the committee has met to study updating the Village income tax for 2013.  At that meeting she remarked that the income tax is not being repealed and there is no increases being considered. 

United Water’s Greg Stewart reported that nearly 24 million gallons were treated and discharged in September at the Sewage Treatment Plant.  There was 6.48 dry tons of sludge sent to the approved landfill.  Stewart also reported he has been working with Buckeye Water Asst. Manager Todd Brown to determine the difference in the amount of treated water used in the Village versus the amount of liquid treated at the plant.  For the month of August there was nearly 22 million gallons of waste water treated compared to nearly 13 million gallons of water from BWD used in town.  That is a discrepancy that Village officials have been trying for years to determine the cause.  Stewart remarked that most of it is probably run-off water from rain and added it will probably be costly to determine for sure.  In the meantime Wellsville is paying to have rain water treated.

Stewart wrapped up his report advising the contracting firm doing the first phase of the sewage forced main project has begun setting up at the 2nd Street location.  There was a meeting scheduled for Wednesday morning to go over the plans.

With legislation ordered in at the last Council meeting a resolution was declared an emergency and place on final reading requesting that the County Commissioners share casino revenues with Wellsville.  Many of the area communities have already passed similar legislation. 

Another resolution was passed to apply for Issue 1 funds for street paving.  Street Committee Chairwoman Tonda Ross advised the money would be used to pave Commerce Street from 9th to 15th Street.  If enough money is left in the fund it is hoped to have Third Street from Main to Riverside and Riverside from Third to Fourth Street paved.  Councilman Cataldo remarked that Issue 1 money has been applied for the last three years to do Commerce but it always included installing new catch basins.  Since the new administration found a way to have the catch basins done there should be enough funds to do the paving.  The Salem firm Howells & Baird will be asked to do the engineering for the project. 

The final piece of legislation passed was an ordinance authorizing ODOT to go ahead with upgrading the lighting on the Village’s three intersections to and from Route 7.  It is expected the maintenance of the lighting will then be turned over to the Village once that project is completed. 

Representing the Wellsville Memorial Council, Councilman Don Brown presented a new plaque to the Mayor listing the names of POWs from Wellsville.  The new plaque is larger and easier to read and will be displayed at Village Hall.  Brown has been with the Memorial Council for many years.  The Memorial Council was also responsible for installing the new flag poles at both ends of Broadway Park recently and yearly place the flags along Main Street.

Trick or Treat hours were set for Halloween for 5:30 to 7 PM on October 31. 

The meeting was adjourned at 6:19 PM.  The next regular  meeting will be held at Village Hall on Tuesday, October 16, at 6 PM.   

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Anonymous said...

Still no report from the Police Chief ? Hmmm........

************* said...

Not at this meeting but he did give one at the last meeting in September. The newspaper reporter missed it and we didn't write anything up on that meeting.