Monday, October 15, 2012

Main Between Virgin Alley & 4th Street

Here's a section of Main Street that has greatly changed.  It's another picture from the Alice Bunting collection.  The last business on the right in the black & white photo was the Coronet Dry Cleaning.  They advertised 24 Hour Service.

There was no date on this but it was before Miller Insurance was built on the corner at 4th St.  That's the building that is Tonda's place today.

ole nib


Marc said...

The last time I visited Wellsville, I was very disappointed to see the state of Commerce St. I think the old brick street would have been better (vintage) than the current road bed.

************* said...

Commerce between 9th & 15th has been on the short list for paving for years now. The only hold is the lack of money. The Village doesn't have that kind of cash and the grants from the State get more scarce all the time. Village Council just recently voted to applying for more Issue 2 money to pave that part. Now they have to wait & see if it gets approved.