Monday, October 22, 2012

Wellsville Educator Named Woman of the Year

Mrs. Lisa Ferguson
Wellsville educator Mrs. Lisa Ferguson was name the Woman of the Year at last week’s Chamber Citizens of the Year Dinner.  It’s an honor well deserved.  The annual dinner was held at the WHS Alumni Center this past Thursday.  Mrs. Pinky Gill announced this year’s popular honoree. 

Mrs. Ferguson is a Wellsville resident born and bred and is the daughter of Marlene and the late Vincent Corbisello.  She has been the bride of Kevin Ferguson for 30 years.  Although a Southern Local High School alumni she bleeds Wellsville Tiger orange & black.  Following graduation from college Ferguson began her teaching career as a Wellsville High School home economics teacher.  In 1994 she took over the reigns as Principal of Wellsville’s Garfield Elementary and throughout her career has positively touched the lives of countless young people.  Under her tutelage she has gone the extra mile to institute innovative advancements in the field of Wellsville education, constantly striving to improve the advancement opportunities for her students.  Her dedication to her students goes far beyond what is known in the public eye by many.  In addition to her duties as Garfield principal she also serves as Assistant Superintendent and Director of Federal Grant Programs for the Wellsville School District. 

Congratulations Lisa…
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