Friday, October 12, 2012

The Bunting House

The Wellsville Historical Society was recently given a box of Bunting family memorabilia that was collected by a Bunting descendant.  Ed & Carol Haywood of Elyria, Ohio visited the River Museum with the generous donation.  The collection belonged to Carol’s late step-mother whose maiden name was Alice Louise Bunting.  Among them was a folder of 8X10 black & white photographs from the early 1950s.

Here is one of the pictures in that collection.  This house was the Bunting House at one time and was located on the corner of Virgin Alley & Main Street.  Virgin Alley runs from Commerce to Riverside between 4th & 5th Streets.   The house is long gone and the lot is now a parking lot owned by Center Pharmacy.   The Bunting name goes way back in Wellsville’s history.

Here is a then & now picture.  We remember the house but can’t recall when it was demolished.  In some of the old city directories we have on hand at the River Museum there is no Bunting listed in that section of Main Street.  Any help with the history of the house would be greatly appreciated.

The collection of photographs have been put in a notebook and labeled by Historical Society Bob Lloyd.  It will be available for viewing in the Wellsville Room when regular tours at the River Museum resume.  As time permits we’ll show more of them. 

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************* said...

Heard from a friend that won't make comments here. He tells me he remembers that this is one of the houses that the late Edgar Peck Rockenhauser demolished board by board. It was brought down sometime after 1979.

Thanks Dane...


blogdawg said...

Would this also be the home of the actress Emma Bunting?