Sunday, October 21, 2012

First Christian Earns 2012 Community Service Award

Pastor Mark Blakely
Wellsville’s First Christian Church was awarded this year’s Community Service Award by members of the Wellsville Area Chamber-of-Commerce.  Members of the First Christian family have always been one of the first to offer assistance when needed.  This year they set a new bench mark earning them the honors of being good neighbors. 

In the past year they began a program for Middle School students that could use some tutoring with their studies.  This past summer they started Mission Wellsville helping area residents in need instead of traveling to far off places.  Just this past week they started a “Bread of Life Outreach Ministry” giving out free loaves of bread to anyone stopping by.  Like the popular commercial for an insurance company says, “like a good neighbor ‘First Christian’ is there.

Accepting the award on behalf of the First Christian parishioners was Pastor Mark Blakely.
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