Friday, October 26, 2012

Wellsville FOP Holds Youth Fishing Tournament

Trophy winners were from the left were Tamitha Robb, Vainesca
Surmecevic, Israel Sluder & Annabelle Sluder

Israel Sluder proudly holds
his 24" - 8# carp before it
was returned to the water

Vainesca Surmacevic diplays one of her
two catches.  This bass won for the smallest
catch of the day.  Vainesca also won the trophy
for the most catches of the day. 

A little rain didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of nearly 35 youngsters at last Saturday’s FOP Youth Fishing Tournament.  There were some exciting catches that got the attention of the other competitors and renewed their determination.  It staved off the boredom that comes without any action on the end of their fishing lines.  There were two 24” fish caught that tied for the honors of being the longest fish caught.  One was a carp and the other was a cat fish. 

Wellsville’s FOP renewed an activity for our area youth that hasn’t taken place for several years.  Retired Wellsville Police Officer Jack Gallagher use to organize one years ago.  In those days it was a summer long contest. According to Police Chief Joe Scarabino and Officer Marsha Eisenhart a record was kept of all the catches over the summer and prizes were rewarded in September. 

Last Saturday’s tournament ran from 10 AM to 2 PM.  There were over 40 young folks to sign up.  Several members of the Wellsville FOP were on hand to help with the budding anglers.  Hot dogs hot off the grill along with refreshments and snacks were available to feed all that participated.  A warming fire was maintained to ward off the chill in the air that day.  All in all it was a fun day for the children.   Although the number of fish caught were mostly all trophy winners all catches humanely had the hooks removed and were quickly returned to the water.

New fishing poles were won from a drawing held for three different age groups.  Tamitha Robb won in the 6-8 year old group.  Brandon Kidder got a new fishing pole in the 9-12 year old group and Jamie Allen was drawn for the 13-15 year old group.  

Trophies were available for the longest, smallest and most fish caught in each age group.  Vainesca Surmecevic was a double winner taking home the trophies for both the most fish caught and the smallest fish caught in her age group.  Those rascally fish didn’t cooperate Saturday and only five trophies, out of nine available, was won in the tournament. 

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the Wellsville FOP for taking the time out of their off-duty hours to organize, sponsor and put on the event.  A special thanks to the Wellsville businesses and organizations that made it a great time with their generous donations. 

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Marta said...

That was one of the great things of living on the river and having great creeks and lakes around. My mother and step-father retired to a house on Lake West Point to be able to fish. It is a great sport.

Marta said...

I always loved fishing when I was growing up.