Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wellsville Begins Work For Additional Sewage Rehabilitation

Last week's progress is pictured here.  The tower to the right
is an existing manhole that was exposed after the digging.  Tanks
for the wet well are due to arrive this week and will be placed in the
hole on the left of that tower.
A huge mound of dirt was dug from the
hole temporarily changing the landscape
next to the Stevenson foundry.

Wellsville is on the verge of some very exciting times as a player in the developing production of oil & gas from drilling in the Marcellus & Utica shale in the region.  In addition to a lot of work being done to expand existing transportation facilities with the Columbiana Port Authority’s Intermodal Park and Marathon Oil there are whispers of industrial expansion in our area.  If even part of the rumors are true it’ll be an exciting moving forward period for our Village.  We won’t speculate but we’ve been given hints it’s getting close to buckle up and hold on to your hats. 

Part of that preparation to get ready is the upgrading of the Village infrastructure.  Although money for financing upgrades is still very tight Village officials were able to start the first phase of a project that has been in the making for some time.   The overall project will eventually stretch from 2nd Street all the way through town to the Wellsville Sewage Treatment Plant.  This past week saw the start of rehabilitating the “forced main” sewage line.  The forced main is a sewage line that runs from 2nd Street to 17th for the upper part of the Village.  Sewage from homes & businesses all through that area flow to that main line and is forced to the treatment plant by pumps.  Being in the oldest part of the Village the pumps and lines are very old and have been showing their age.  Repairing line breaks over the years is very costly.

Upgrading that system is very important to the progression of Wellsville that is expected in the coming months and years.  Having available a reliable infrastructure makes our Village very attractive to new businesses and residents that want to be part of the action.  With the ever improving source of water provided by the Buckeye Water District these past few years having a reliable, trouble free sewer system is a must for Wellsville to move forward.  Not being forced to spend scarce money with emergencies to repair breaks will be another plus.

Rudzik Excavation of Struthers was awarded the contract to replace the pumps at 2nd Street and to install a new wet well.  Pictured here is part of the hole dug as part of that project.  A nearby neighbor told us yesterday the water seen seeping in is river water.  Although the hole where the water is seen is only some 20 feet deep it is below the surface level of the river. 

The contract given to Rudzik was awarded last year but with budget restraints and the inability to acquire additional grants the start of the project was delayed.  Village administrators did not answer our e-mail asking for details on the additional funding needed to get this phase started.  Nor was our question about future plans to replace the rest of the forced main answered but that is understandable. It is probably unknown at this time since Village officials are still forced to operate on a very tight budget.   

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Susan A. Haugh said...

Oops! I apologize for letting your email slip through the cracks Nib. It has been extremely busy around the office these days. I put it to the side thinking that I would answer you when I had enough time to spend on the answers. Poof! Ya fell through the cracks. Again, I apologize.

The Forced Main Project has been in the works for some time. We were awarded two grants, I believe in 2010, to do the job. Once the new administration started in January, it took us awhile to get things sorted out. We were able to meet the deadline for one grant and this money was used to fix the digesters at the Treatment Plant, which eliminated the horrible odor that plagued Wellsville. We applied for and was awarded extensions on the second grant then revisited and revised ‘the plan’.

The plan’s first (and most important) step is to have the wet well installed, as well as the work associated with the well. The well is expected to arrive on the 18th. From there, the Forced Main travels down Riverside to the Treatment Plant. Earlier plans were to replace the entire line. At this point, there does not appear to be enough money to do this. Until it is decided what is to be done about the unfinished work already performed behind Village Hall, which took place last year, we cannot be sure. I am so sorry that I am not at liberty to discuss the matter, at this time, since negotiations are ongoing between Wellsville and the contractor who performed the work. We should have answers for you in the very near future. It is my hope that it will be settled in time to continue on to the second phase without delay.

On a personal note: I want this project completed and out of the way, probably more than anyone, so we can move forward with other improvements. I admit that being involved during the planning stages of any new project is much simpler than stepping in after the fact. The Forced Main has been a real head banger for me! :D

Best regards,
Your lumpy-headed mayor.

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Thanks for your response...