Friday, June 15, 2012

Belated Happy Anniversary

We would like to wish Mr. & Mrs. Josias Close a belated Happy Anniversary on their wedding...

We're just a tad late.  They were married April 26, a 163 years ago.  This article was copied from Wellsville American Patriot dated May 1, 1849.  We're starting to get into some of the old news paper collections on hand at the River Museum.  They are woefully thin and some of the papers are in very brittle condition.

This article caught our eye.  Apparently one way to get a wedding announcement written up in an enthusiastic manner is to invite the editor ("printer") to the reception.

They say you're never too old to learn.  We now know the meaning of the word ultimo.  Wonder if there are any decendents of Ruth Ann & Josias still living in the area?

ole nib


Phil L. said...

Wow - lots of flowery, overly-done language. But a cool reminder of a previous era. Thanks for sharing!

Now to find a way to work the word "ultimo" into something...

************* said...

We got a charge out of the description of how the pound cake changed the article writer's whole outlook on life.