Friday, June 1, 2012

Proudly Displaying Her Patriotism

We're sorry we didn't get this young lady's name.  However we were impressed with her display of patriotism at this year's Memorial Day observance in Wellsville.  Decked out in red, white & blue she even joined in the parade down Main Street. 

ole nib


Anonymous said...

I'm not allowed to say how I know this lady, but she is a great person and full of fun!!!!!! Glad she had fun at the parade!!--Mary M

************* said...

Her smile was infectious with everyone around her.


Anonymous said...

Lola Porter

Sandy Gibson Larsuel said...

This is Lola Porter who grew up with me. She lived on Buckeye Ave and I lived on Clark Ave. She had a beautiful voice and was one of the people who inspired me to sing! God Bless you Lola!