Monday, June 4, 2012

Youngstown Catholic Diocese Saved From Being Newest Slum Lord In Wellsville

First they locked them out of their church.  Now they are neglecting to take care of church property letting the hedges, grass and weeds grow unkempt.

Thankfully the Committee To Save Immaculate Conception Parish took the initiative to clean things up at their own expense.  A couple of Saturdays ago they brought in a crew to cut, weed and trim, getting the outside to once again look decent.

Although locked out they still take pride in "their" church.

ole nib


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article, I just forwarded it to the Diocese's offices.

************* said...

You're welcome. We felt the good citizens of the Wellsville area that do care what our village looks like should be recognized for their kindness and hard efforts.


Jeff Langdon said...

Just goes to show you when you really love something you take very good care of it. There is no doubt that these parishioners love their home.

Father Abraham said...

Nib, why don't we leave the Roman Catholic Church and start our own denomination? Let's put the 'ville on the map!

************* said...

Now that's the type of simple, immature intelligence we have been subjected to from our Church officials.

Personally having been brow beatened and brain washed by nuns while in grade school I fear I will burn in the fires of hell for eternity for even entertaining such a thought.

You better go to confession.


Father Abraham said...

Did the Church officials in Younstown advisey you to start your own church? If they did, you have the green light to do so. Let's do this!