Saturday, June 9, 2012

Two Wellsville Homes Lost In Fire

We weren’t at the scene of this fire pictured here.  Quite frankly we slept through it.  We didn’t hear the fire alarm.  One buddy said “should have called you”. The better half was on her way to work but didn’t want to wake me.  Normally with the local newspapers all over it we wouldn't have bothered with it. Also, it was all over FaceBook.  However, a very good friend sent us the picture which she got from a friend of hers.  Since it was probably the best picture we’ve seen we thought we would share it with you. 

The fire broke out yesterday morning (Friday – June 8) just before 7 AM at the corner of 14th & Bengal Blvd. here in Wellsville.  According to the newspaper account “one house was destroyed and the other declared a total loss”.  A third house suffered some water damage according to reporter Richard Sberna.

The house on the corner at 458 14th had been vacant for several years and was totally involved when the Wellsville Volunteer Fire Dept. arrived on the scene at 7:04.  The house next door, at 452 14th only had about five feet of space between the two of them.  Fortunately there were no injuries.  With neighbors reporting having seen juveniles going in and out of the vacant house on the corner arson is being investigate.

Thanks for the picture Roe…

ole nib


Anonymous said...

Hated to see a family lose their home,but the corner house has been vacant and an eyesore for some time. Why do we let properties like the corner house go so long when we know who the owner is and insist that they maintain their property ? I also didnot appreciate the comment from Mr. Canfield about our firemen, they always do a great job at fighting fires and putting their lives on the line.

************* said...

From the chatter on FB our Wellsville fire fighters did an excellent job knocking this fire down.

Letting houses go like the one on the corner can probably be contributed to the cost of pursuing the matter. To enforce ordinances most likely would mean going to court, maybe even several times. We don't know the history of this house but feel safe it all boils down to money.

We're not certain what Mr. Canfield said but comments are often made before considering all sides. That's especially true when the person is in shock and disbelief. From the look of things that second house was too far involved to try doing more than just containing it from the perimeter. It appeared to be a raging, life threatening inferno between those two dwellings.


Anonymous said...

i agree nib that fire was just to fast and raging glad to hear everyone got out in time and no injuries :::: id rather loose all my stuff than a family member ... fireman did what they could with it .. it was deff raging

Anonymous said...

I think the firemen did a great job in controlling the fire,lucky it didnot spread to the next house, then the next house ect.