Sunday, June 17, 2012

Times Do Change Things

We recall not too many years ago it was a very serious ethical question of doctors and lawyers whether to advertise their businesses.  Still today you do not see very many advertisements in the news print editions.  Apparently that wasn't a problem in the mid-19th Century.

This list of ads was copied from the Wellsville newspaper the American Patriot dated May 1, 1849.

Dr. Lucy's office was in A. Campbell's hotel on Lisbon St.  We wonder if that was what became the Metropole?

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Greg said...

Did you notice the attorney advertising that they do work in Hancock County, VIRGINIA? West Virginia was not a state yet!

Greg said...

Looking at one of the Attorneys ads, West Virginia wasn't a state yet. Says Hancock. County VA

************* said...

According to Wikipedia WV was admitted to the Union on 6-20-1863. These ads are from an 1849 newspaper. WV was the only state to secede from the Confederate during the Civil War. Next year will be their 150th Anniversary of statehood.