Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wellsville Winter Reminder

We dodged the bullet last night. The forecast called for a possibility of freezing rain on top of 3 to 5" of snow. Turns out we only got snow. Not sure what the official amount was but we cleaned off 4.5" of the white stuff off the hood of our vehicles. It was enough to make a mess and have the road crews out plowing & salting.

It should be mostly gone by this time next week with high temperatures being forecasted to be in the mid-30s to 40s for the next seven days. At least if you're careful, don't make any sudden moves and go slowly you can get a little traction in snow. That ain't gonna happen on ice!

Pictures were taken today around town.

Is it too early to wish for spring to get here?????

ole nib

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Anonymous said...

Nib, some past problems with the village administration were the result of jumping too fast, not being thorough enough or accountable enough to rules and detail. Now we have an administration that wants to take the time to make certain things are done correctly and fairly, maybe that they are choosing the new council member at the pace they feel necessary is a good thing. People should be patient. And yes a council person should be available to the public, within reason, when people abuse the opportunity to express themselves it is reasonable for council to ask that they ease up a bit..