Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wellsville Gets Hit With Snow & Cold

Wellsville residents woke up to a coating of snow Tuesday morning. It wasn't much but with the bitter cold temperatures it was enough for most area schools to call for a two-hour delay. During the day, with temperatures barely reaching the lower twenties, that snow wasn't going anywhere unless it was moved by mankind. Accumulation was about an inch from what we saw around the village. From what we heard it was heavier just north of us. Must have been some “lake effect” stuff up that way.

It will all be gone this coming week-end with temperatures forecasted to get up near 50 degrees Friday. Pictured here is Riverside at Sixth Street late Tuesday afternoon.

Stay warm...

ole nib


Phil L. said...

Nib -

Nice picture of some grand old Wellsville Riverside home, nicely framing the church in the background!

************* said...

Thanks Phil... Actually that angle is close to the Tom Angonishak painting made in memory of Cathy Salter. There is a lot of Wellsville history in just that small area of Riverside that dates back to the days it was called Front Street.