Thursday, January 5, 2012

Daw 8th Graders Win A Thriller

Last night we witnessed one of the most exciting finish of a basketball games we can recall. The Daw Middle School boys hosted the Columbiana Clippers yesterday in Beacom Memorial. Overall the guys from Columbiana looked to have a distinct height advantage on both teams. However that didn't intimidate the Tigers.

The 7th Graders were trailing at the end of the first quarter by a score of 10-5. At the end of the first half they changed that around to a 32-20 lead going into the locker room. They never trailed again and finished the game winning by 21 points. The final was Daw Middle 54-Columbiana 43.

The 8th Graders also were trailing at the end of one. They turned that into a one point lead at 18-17 at the end of the half. At the end of three quarters they still held onto a one point lead at 29-28 and then things got interesting. The Wellsville men gave the taller Columbiana boys more than they could handle. When the final buzzer rang the referee also blew his whistle. It was Wellsville 39-36 but a Tiger committed a foul on a Clipper taking a last second shot from the three point range.

With no time on the clock the young Clippers had one last chance to tie the score and send the game into overtime. All he had to do is make all three of his shots from the charity line. Young or old that is a load of pressure on anyone's shoulders. He was one of their better shooters and calmly sank his first free throw. However that look of confidence on his face turned quickly to dismay when his second shot bounced off the rim to the side of the bucket. It was game over. There was no time on the clock and no way to tie the score. It was a finish more exciting than a Hollywood thriller!

Congratulations to the Daw Middle School Tigers... The Tigers return to action next Wednesday, January 11, at United Local.

Good luck guys...

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