Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Office Locations Bening Changed At Welllsville Village Hall

If you have to visit Village Hall this week you might find it a bit confusing. Most of the offices are being changed around to make it more convenient for visitors. For instance once everything is done sewage customers will be able to pay their bill at the windows just inside the front door. Those wanting to go to the Zoning Office will find it straight ahead after coming in the front door. There will be no need to go searching for it down the hall.

Mayor Susan Hall said the changes are being made to make it more convenient and logical for anyone visiting Village Hall. She and her volunteer moving crew have been diligently working all week-end on the changes. For right now it may appear to be in disarray but hang in there. It's starting to come together.

Shown here discussing what to move next Tuesday afternoon is the Mayor and her “moving” crew. From the right is Dave Adkins, with his hands on his hips, Jeff Haugh, Mayor Haugh and Dave Butcher.

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