Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wellville's First Christian Holds "backpack bash" For Area Children

Saturday – August 13: The second back to school event in Wellsville this past week-end was First Christian's “backpack bash” held Saturday. With back packs loaded with school supplies, hot dogs, snowcones, cotton candy, hot dogs, face painting and all kind of games it was a smashing success. First Christian's Assistant Youth Minister Randy Mackall noted they were blessed with a beautiful day and lots of sunshine. The event was held on the church grounds and in the street. Main Street was blocked off from 8th to 9th.

Mackall said children and their parents were lined up to register at 9:40 waiting for the 10 AM start. Before the end of the day there were over 400 children signed in for the festivities. At 2 PM the volunteers at the registration table were still busy.

We would like to add our thanks to the members of the First Christian Church in Wellsville for volunteering their time, much of it under hot sunshine, to provide a fun filled day for our area children. Their efforts just further prove that the folks in the area make Wellsville some place special.

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LC said...

Congrats to FCC!!!I love seeing other groups in the village helping one another! My wife and I attended the wonderful 50's choir show Friday night. Very good entertainment and singing. Some songs brought tears to my eyes. Those memories...
Keep up the good work. We will also support you in the future.