Friday, August 5, 2011

New Grandstands Going Up At Nicholson Stadium

Friday – August 5: Construction crews began assembling the new eastern side grandstands at Wellsville's Nicholson Stadium this morning. As noted earlier, the metal arrived this past Wednesday. It is all prefabricated and basically will go together like a big erector set.

The crew assembling the new grandstands are from Buffalo, NY, and advise they will not be returning home until the Nicholson Stadium stands are completed. It is estimated to take about a week and they said they will be working through the week-end. One crew member indicated they travel all over the country doing this and this one is one of the smaller ones they have put up.

While that crew was busy working on the stands another subcontractor was busy setting posts for the new fence that will be installed where the old concrete walls once stood.

Looks like we'll be in good shape by the time the season opener rolls around in 22 days.

ole nib

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Anonymous said...

They are working today (Sat.)amazing how quickly the stands are going up.