Sunday, August 14, 2011

On The Calendar

Won't be long before summer is over for Wellsville teachers and their students. The WHS Golf team got their season started last Monday in tri-match with Beaver Local and the East Liverpool teams. The teachers have an in-service day Monday, August 22 and the students check in the next day. Hope all you educators and soon to be educated enjoy your last week of summer vacation.

Some poor soul wrote a letter to the Editor of the Morning Journal, that was published last Monday, stating her frustration with the sewage smell downtown. We don't think it is as strong smelling as it was in the past few years with the one new digester already in operation. There is still a very noticeable odor though and we can understand the letter writer being upset. The new aerobic digesters are suppose to burn up more of the bacteria in the solid waste being treated. According to ex-GG&J Engineer Bill Boyle it's the bacteria that causes most of the stench. That may be true but from what we understand the drying beds will still be needed. That stench may not be as strong after going through the new digesters but it's not going to go completely away, in spite of what the politicians tell you. If it's hot outside the smell is going to be worse.

Speaking of politicians...We're seeing our new congressman has been making several visits in his district all around us. He was just glad handing in Calcutta last week. Wonder if he has Wellsville on his itinerary any time in the near future? We would like to see what Johnston has in mind for helping with our flood control system.

The November General Election ballot should be just about firmed up now with the deadline for non-partisan candidates & issues having passed. Wellsville had three incumbents file for re-election for Board of Education seats. We think they were the only ones that filed for the BOE.

Village Zoning Administrator Rick Williams tells us the County Commissioners have awarded the contractor bid for the new sidewalks in the business district. That's a project that was granted with CDBG funds last year after Williams put together a bid to submit an application. It's another step to revitalize our main business district.

Monday – August 15;

  • BWD Engineering Committee – 11 AM at the Water Treatment Plant – 17547 State Rt. 45

  • WHS Golf Team vs Sebring at home – believe that is Cedar Hills Golf Course in Glenmore

  • Wellsville Board of Education – 6:30 PM in the Superintendent's Office – 929 Center St.

  • Committee To Save Immaculate Conception – 6:30 PM at SOI Lodge 657 – 327 Main St.

Tuesday – August 16:

  • Wellsville Historical Society – 7:30 PM at the River Museum – 1003 Riverside Ave. - Trustees at 7 PM

Wednesday – August 17:

  • WHS Golf Team at Leetonia

Thursday August 18:

  • BWD Board of Trustees – 9 AM at Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

  • Daw Middle School Open House – 10 AM for all new 4th Graders – 11 AM for any new Middle School students – 929 Center St.

  • WHS Golf Team at Southern Local

  • Wellsville Crime Watch Committee – 6 PM at Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

  • WHS Football Scerimmage vs Oak Glen – 7 PM at Newell Stadium – Rt. 2 in Newell

  • Wellsville Veterans Memorial Council – 7 PM at VFW Post 5647 at 329 Main St.

Friday – August 19:

  • Pottery Players Community Theater presents Devals Divas – 8 PM at the Playhouse – 417 15th St.

Saturday – August 20:

  • Committee To Save Immaculate Conception Prayer Service – 4:30 PM at 11th & Main Sts.

  • Potter Players Community Theater presents Devals Divas – 8 PM at the Playhouse – 417 15th St.

Sunday – August 21:

  • Worship at a church of you choice

  • River Museum Open House Tour – 1 to 4:30 PM – 1003 Riverside Ave. - Admission by donation

We wish we had gotten more information on the Golf Team's schedule but that is all that is shown on the hand out – no times for these matches played before school starts and no locations.

The program for the Historical Society's meeting will be presented by Ms. Kate McFadden Smith of the Ohio Civil War 150 Leadership Corps.

Thursday's Crime Watch Committee's program will feature Ed Lulla from the Ohio Bureau of Crime Investigations. That's the state version of CSI. The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

Wellsville's First Baptist Church is preparing for their 100th Year Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, August 28, and they are inviting any former choir members to join the Anniversary Choir to provide the music at that celebration. Anyone interested is asked to attend rehearsal Saturday, August 27, 12 noon at the church. For more information call 330-532-2654.

Team Mojo is lining up a fund raising Back to School 5K Run/Walk. The race will start at 9 AM Saturday, August 27 at the High School. Entry fee is $10 per adult along with a donation of some kind of school supply. It's a first effort for a Wellsville group with Team Mojo. Proceeds go toward helping to pay fees for students less fortunate than us. You can register at Center Pharmacy, All Sports or TJD Sports. Call 330-386-3939 for more information.

Have a good week everyone...

ole nib


booster said...

In case you didn't know, Aug. 23rd will be "Meet the Tigers" night at Nicholson Stadium! I believe it starts at 7:00 pm.

Anonymous said...

We pay our sewage bill every month. I think they should do the up of the plant daily. Not when it gets so stinkin. So this problem goes way back because it just didn't just happen. I think its the people who is in charge of the plant itself. So if they don't know how to do the up keep of the plant get rid of the people. Its just like the up keep of the car we drive. If we don't do maintance on our car what happens to it???? So Wake up and do the daily maintance on the plant and don't let it get to this STINKIN place. Live by it and you would complain too.

************* said...

You're wrong. It's not the fault of the plant operator. You're right that the problem goes way back but that is because Wellsville didn't put any money into maintaining and upgrading the equipment. Consequently moving things along in a timely manner got backed up when equipment started wearing out and breaking down. Deaf ears was turned on request for costly repairs and things were going to ....


Anonymous said...

When you say Deaf Ears! Who are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

The sewage smell is improving daily. It will be almost unnoticeable once the weather gets below freezing.

************* said...

Those deaf ears we're referring to are those responsible in our Village government for making sure there are funds to maintain such things as the Sewage Treatment Plant. The plant operator is contracted to run the plant with Village owned property.