Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nicholson Stadium New Grandstands Construction - Day 5

Tuesday - August 9: Those fellows from Buffalo are getting pretty near to shuffling off on out of here! We tried to get there today to get pictures of the Press Box dangling in the air as that big crane lifted and set it in place. But by the time we arrived it was already bolted in place and the workmen were clearing away the straps and stuff.

School officials confirmed that what we thought was probably going to be the handicap ramp was the next thing to be worked on. As seen in the bottom picture that area was being dug out today so they could construct the forms for the concrete.

The concrete will be poured on Wednesday. After that most of the crew will be departing for another assembly job in Georgia. Only a couple will remain to finish up the last few details after Thursday.

ole nib


Anonymous said...

Amazing how quickly the stands went up.

Phil L. said...

I managed to make it to Wellsville - for the first time in years - on the 12th, and drove by the stadium. The new stands look great!