Friday, August 5, 2011

Immaculate Conception Parishioners Continues Saturday Prayer Services

As they have been doing since the last Mass was celebrated in Wellsville on July 23 members of the Immaculate Conception Parish will meet again Saturday afternoon, August 6, at 4:30 PM for a brief prayer service. They have vowed to continue having the service each Saturday for as long as necessary.

The intention of the weekly prayer service is in hopes that their appeals will be heard to keep the 11th Street church open as a worship site of the newly formed Holy Trinity Parish for at least one Mass a week. Those prayers were partially answered earlier this week when members of the Committee to Save the Immaculate Conception received acknowledgment that their appeal to the Congregation of the Clergy was received at the Vatican in Rome, Italy. In a letter dated July 23 from the Congregatio Pro Clericis, Under-Secretary Monsignor Antonio Neri, confirmed that the Committee's letter was received and “that the Dicastery has the matter under study”. The Congregation of the Clergy at the Vatican has the authority to reverse the Bishop's decision to close the Wellsville parish if he doesn't voluntarily have a change of heart on his own recourse.

The prayer service will be held in front of the Blessed Virgin statue facing Main Street at the side of the Immaculate Conception Church. The public is invited to join in. Shown here are scenes from last weeks service.

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