Sunday, August 7, 2011

On The Calendar

We're back... We skipped last week and you can blame author Tom Clancy for that. His new book had me completely distracted. It's only 756 pages. We're a littler over three quarters along but this week we're feeling guilty. Other than a Wellsville Council meeting there wasn't much going on except the annual Italian Festival. That got a lot of newspaper coverage.

Once again the SOI members did a heck of job with a very entertaining and enjoyable three-day festival. Except for about 30 minutes Saturday evening the weather was perfect. Congratulations to the two scholarship winners, Cayleigh Crook & Andrew Gooding, and good luck with your college studies.

In the Morning Journal's “Loose Ends” column in today's edition the Wellsville reporter denied taking a picture of an Immaculate Conception parishioner receiving Communion during the last Mass offered July 23. They said someone “thought such a photo would be sacrilegious”. We've always felt that one's religious beliefs is entirely personal but if someone actually did say that we feel they are not very well versed on Christianity as practiced by Roman Catholics. To us, personally, Communion is the high light of celebrating Mass, signifying the sacrifice Christ made for our salvation. The act of receiving Communion is a commemoration of that sacrifice and should be shared with gladness.

We went back and reviewed the pictures we posted. We did post one of the Bishop and others on the altar preparing for Communion in the collage. We did get pictures of people taking Communion which did not get posted. As a Catholic we do not feel any guilt for taking those pictures. Getting the Word of God out does not have room for hiding behind closed doors, locking doors or hiding one's head in the sand. Receiving the Body & Blood of Christ, as ritualized through Communion, is one of the greatest honors any Christian can be blessed with. It doesn't matter whether you call yourself Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Nazarene or whichever faith one associates with.

Monday – August 8:

  • Wellsville Council Property Committee – 1 PM at Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

  • WHS Golf Team Tri-angular vs East Liverpool/Beaver Local – 1 PM

  • Committee To Save Immaculate Conception – 6:30 PM at SOI Lodge – 327 Main St. - Kitchen will be open

Tuesday – August 9:

  • Nothing on our calendar

Wednesday – August 10:

  • Nothing scheduled for Wednesday

Thursday – August 11:

  • Wellsville Knights of Columbus – 6 PM at E. Liverpool Motor Lodge – Dresden Ave.

Friday – August 12:

  • VA Clinic Annual Picnic – 9 AM to 3 PM – Ogilvie Square – Calcutta, OH

Saturday – August 12:

  • WHS Football Team Scrimmage – 10 AM at Steubenville Harding Stadium vs Steubenville Catholic Central & Bridgeport

Sunday – August 14:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • Wellsville River Museum Open House – 1 to 4:30 PM – 1003 Riverside Ave. - Admission by donation

We forgot to ask but believe the WHS home golf course is Highland in Glenmore. It wasn't shown on the schedule. Monday's golf match is a “home game” for the Tigers. Someone help us out here.

Have a good week everyone...

ole nib


Anonymous said...

Bravo ole nib for setting the record straight re: communion picture. Communion is a celebration for many Catholics. A privlege and honour to receive what represents the body and blood of Christ's sacrifice for us so that we may have eternal life. I am worried about the Youngstown Diocese wanting to keep that element of faith in the dark. I disagree with the Bishop and Fr. Peter thinking it would be sacriligious having a picture shown of someone receiving communion. I don't understand the Catholic leaders thinking these days. Especially Bishop Murry and Fr. Peter.

the reporter said...

No one said the bishop or father peter tho't such a picture would be sacrilegious. The reporter said "someone" tho't such a picture would be sacreligious and the reporter agreed. The reporter apparently believes the communion ritual is a personal thing for each individual that doesn't need to be aired publicly. No one said anything about anyone trying to "hide" anything.

Anonymous said...

Communion is sacred & shameful that it amounts to this, I'm beginning to think if there isn't a crisis people will go out & find something to argue about. Private or photographed to each his/her own. And yes communion is everywhere not just in the Catholic Church. Study the roots.

Anonymous said...

I do not know where some of you received your catechesis but I beg to differ with you.

In the Catholic Church we celebrate the EUCHARIST. The body and blood of Christ. The Eucharist is NOT A SYMBOL. In the other Christian churches, "Communion" is a symbol, they do not believe in transubstantiation.

So Nib and others, you can only receive the EUCHARIST in the Catholic church. And to go one step further, if you also look this up, Catholics should not receive "communion" in any other Christian church.

Again, from what I have read on this blog and from the newspapers, I believe that the Committee to save ICC is so blinded by what "they want" that they could not and will not see any good that may come from this merger. That to me is very sad.

For the record, I am a Catholic who has visited both ICC and St. Al's during my travels.