Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wellsville High School Salutes Area Veterans

WWII Vet Jack Stewart (center) probably
telling war stories

With teacher Robin Weeda & Principal
Rolley looking on Francesca Colella reads
her letter written to her late grandfather.
This past Monday, November 12, Wellsville High School paid tribute to all those in the district that served in the U.S. Armed Forces.  It was a meaningful tribute in honor of Veteran’s Day.  The program began with a luncheon served by members of the WHS National Honor Society.   There was approximately 40 veterans and friends that enjoyed the lunch severed in the High School library decorated in patriotic colors.  There were vets present that served in WWII and every other skirmish up to today’s time.

Following the lunch a program was continued in the gymnasium with the full student body in attendance.  The veterans were welcomed by Wellsville School District Superintendent Rich Bereschik and the National Anthem was sung by Ebony & Ivory.  Eric Hardman led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance and Wellsville First Christian Pastor Mark Blakely offered invocation. 

Korean Vet Dale Barnhart (with Navy Cap)
is thanked for his service by one of the students
WHS Alumni Richie Sloan was the keynote speaker.  Sloan graduated in 2000 and started his military career in the Army in his senior year of high school.  He served tours overseas in both Iraq and Italy and is still today in the Army Reserves.  High School Principal Linda Rolley introduced each veteran that attended the program.   A medley of theme songs for each branch of the service was sung by Melany Martinez and readings were read by students.  Especially touching were the reading of letters personally written by some of the students thanking a vet.  High School Band member Miles McGinnis played taps saluting veterans that are no longer with us. 

Closing out the program students came out of the stands to individually thank the veterans for their service.  Being a Viet Nam vet it was very gratifying to see that taking place. 

Thanks to all the students and staff that organized and took part in the program…

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