Friday, November 2, 2012

TS Sandy Goes Easy on Wellsville

Monday - Oct. 29

Wednesday - Oct. 31

Friday - Nov. 2

Tropical Storm Sandy had a lot of folks sitting on the edge of their seats watching reports of what was happening in the Northeast and taking in the forecasts for the local region.  It started raining in the Wellsville area on Sunday and kept right on going for nearly four and half days.  There was reason for serious concern.  It all depended on the whims of nature but the blustery old gal took it easy on the ville.  We got over 4" of rain in about as many days according to WTOV.  From our vantage point the rain was steady but never the real heavy kind.

By Wednesday morning it appeared the worse of it was over.  The National Weather Service reported river levels at New Cumberland Dam at 24.7' at 5 AM Wednesday.  They expected the river to crest by 8 o'clock Wednesday morning.  Flood stage at New Cumberland is 36'.   Today the water level appears to be going down.  It is predicted to be back down to 16' by Sunday. 

Wellsville was ready with steady monitoring of the water levels and keeping a close eye on what was happening in the hills of Pennsylvania that contribute their run-off water to the Ohio River.  Several village officials were praying and keeping their fingers crossed that our flood control system would get us through if called upon.  Although they are constantly working on getting pumps repaired or replaced, keeping the flood walls in good condition and advancing plans to spiff up the flood levies there are still several questions about the system's effectiveness. 

Thankfully the Good Lord took us under his wing once again and had Ma Nature go easy on us.  Hopefully that will continue until we get that flood control system in good enough shape and be able to say "Bring it on.  We're ready!"

Pictures shown here are on Little Yellow Creek at nearly the same spot just east of the Wellsville Avenue Bridge showing the progression of the water level.

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