Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mayor Haugh Addresses Wellsville Crime Watch Committee

Mayor Susan Haugh speaking to Wellsville
Crime Watch Committee

In their last meeting of the year the Wellsville Crime Watch Committee had the honor of having Mayor Susan Haugh doing one of her favorite things.  The Mayor was the guest speaker for the November meeting. 

For her topic the Mayor spoke on a subject that has been near and dear to her heart, even before entering the Wellsville political arena.   Since becoming a Village official that passion has only intensified.  Since becoming Mayor, at the beginning of the year, the Wellsville drug scene has become one of her top priorities.  She has devoted countless hours in enlisting help to supplement the efforts of our local law enforcement.  With a limited budget the Wellsville Police Department is restricted for funds for their drug fighting resources.  Their determination to fight the Wellsville drug problem is fraught with other demands on their time and money.   It’s a determination that Mayor Haugh has embraced whole heartedly even at the risk of putting herself in peril.

She has personally put herself at the forefront of the drug fighting effort doing things that many men would be leery of trying.  She has personally knocked on the doors of suspected drug dealers in town to present the occupants a letter of warning.  She has personally told suspected dealers and users face-to-face that the party is over; it’s time to get out of “Dodge” or face the consequences.    In her first few months in office she has left no doubt that she is lady that takes Teddy Roosevelt’s advice to “walk softly and carry a big stick” very seriously. 

Even before taking office she initiated meetings with other County, State and Federal officials begging for whatever assistance they could render in fighting the Wellsville drug problem.  She has not let the complexities of our legal system slow her down or discourage her efforts.  She encouraged members of the Crime Watch Committee not to give up. 

It’s a very slow process but it is beginning to show positive results.  In January of this year there were 27 suspected drug houses in town.  In August that number was down to 19 and now it down to 10.  Put quite simply dealers don’t like being hassled and will move on to avoid it.  That is especially true for suspected dealers that have warrants out on them for minor misdemeanor offenses, suspended driver’s licenses, etc.  That unexpected knock on the door can come at any time.  They don’t want that extra attention. 

The Mayor said any and all efforts by everyone are greatly appreciated.  All calls and tips are immediately passed on to the authorities.  All calls are kept confidential and the caller’s identity is never disclosed.   Another angle Village officials are working on to enforce is aimed at landlords or property owners that knowingly rent to known drug dealers and users.  Doing so is in violation of Ohio Revised Code 2925.13.  Anybody found complicit will be prosecuted to the limit. 

Before closing the Mayor thanked all the agencies who are making efforts fighting the illegal drug scene.  Those agencies include the Wellsville Police Dept., the CC Drug Task Force, the CC Sheriff’s Office, the Ohio State Patrol, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the US Marshalls.  Haugh said they’re all committed to fighting the drug problem and have been extremely generous in helping our Village.  Even though they may not be visible their efforts are continuing and it is something she promised to never give up on.    

The Crime Watch Committee next meets Thursday, March 21, 2013. 

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Anonymous said...

One thing Sue has not done in her fight against crime is reinstitute the K-9 program. It seems unfair that Wellsville area people donated money (lots of money) for a canine that was subsequently allowed to go to another jurisdiction with its handler.
Either the dog should have been re-trained with another Wellsville officer, or the handler and/or his new police department should have had to somehow reimburse at least some of the money raised for the dog locally. that's my opinion, anyway.
St. Clair's "drug dog" has been very successful to date and now East Liverpool will be getting one.
Something to think about. Keep up the good work mayor.

************* said...

The last we heard anything is that the dog was supposed to be replaced gratis by the people that sent Ryot our way. It hasn't happened yet, obviously. Hang in there. It takes time to find a way that is affordable.


d'Mayor said...

Thank you for the being so kind Nib, although I have one small correction: the first paragraph. (Brat! lol.)
I would like to address the first poster and explain what most do not realize. We were blessed with Ryot through a grant. All private donations went toward purchasing what was necessary to care for Ryot. The equipped canine cruiser, the bite suit, kennel, etc. We still have everything that was purchased with these donated monies in our possession.
I would be ecstatic to have another K-9. Our Police Dept. and I have researched different ideas as to what route we should take. We have an excellent officer who is willing to be the ‘handler’ and all of the equipment needed. Now all we need is the $8,000.00 to purchase the dog. *sigh* We will figure it out somehow.
Nib, we were lead to believe that another K-9 would basically fall in our laps if we decided to let Ryot go with her handler. There was so much going on back then and everything was so new to me that I chose to believe what we were being told. Lesson learned. I now verify everything before acting on it.

Anonymous said...

I wish every small city mayor around our area had the same conviction she has. It's refreshing to see someone who doesn't give up and stays the course.She knows that the only way to bring back these small towns to their once thriving state is to eradicate the enormous drug problems in our home towns.Godspeed mayor Haugh.

************* said...

Thanks for the clarification on the dog issue M'dam Mayor. Hopefully there will be something come along to allow us to acquire another canine. It would be a big plus to fighting the drug problem. In her short time with us Ryot proved invaluable.

On the other item love public speaking! We're almost sure of it... ;-)


Sally said...

What about the oil drilling money? Can't that be utilized to purchase a new k9?