Saturday, November 24, 2012

First Christian's "Caring" Tradition

These ladies not only enjoyed the meal they had a good time
First Christian Pastor Mark Blakely
got the clean-up detail!

A week ago this past Wednesday, November 14, members of Wellsville’s First Christian carried on an annual tradition that they have been doing for years.  That tradition was the creamed chicken over biscuits dinner that benefits the Lions Club Care & Share program. 

For the life of me we can’t find our file on Care & Share.  We wanted to pass on a little history of the First Christian family’s annual creamed chicken dinner.  Like the Lions Club Care & Share program the members of the church have been doing the benefit dinner for years. 

The Care & Share program we’re talking about is the Wellsville Lions Club annual Christmas drive to furnish families in need with a food basket & toys to those with young children.  To contribute toward that effort the church members have the annual dinner.  All the proceeds go to Care & Share.  The dinner tradition was carried on this year.

It’s a delicious, filling way to help support Care & Share.  Not only did you get the chicken over biscuits you got a generous helping of smashed potatoes, green beans, a salad, a beverage and dessert.  To top it off you got served the dinner by members of the congregation.  It was better than eating at home!

It’s neighbor helping neighbor.  It is something the members of First Christian and Wellsville’s Lions Club do so well.  It’s a Wellsville thing…

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