Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wellsville School District Holds Annual Staff Appreciation Day

This past Tuesday morning the students in the Wellsville School District got a treat.  They got  to sleep in a little bit. The start of school was delayed one hour to allow school officials to say thanks to the district's teachers and staff. 

The teachers and staff were treated to breakfast at the high school.  The breakfast was prepared by High School cooks Judy Miller, Sherri Adams & Bonnie Cassidy.  Principals from the district's three schools served.  Shown here from the left is High School Principal Linda Rolley and  Daw Middle School Principal John Foley loading up the tray for Hgh School secretary Lori Traina.  Garfield Elementary Principal Lisa Ferguson is hiding in the background. 

The picture was loaned us from Board of Education President Karen Dash.

We would like to add our thanks to all in the Wellsville School District...

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