Friday, May 11, 2012

Hotel Shaffer

Here's a then & now that we haven't seen on any of the internet sites before.  We were able to get a copy of this picture with our new scanning gizmo.  This photo is on display in the River Museum's Wellsville Room.  It enlarges quite nicely for a better look. 

The Hotel Shaffer was located at 12th & Main Streets in Wellsville. It's street address was probably 1201 Main.  According to information on the back it was later called the Central Hotel.  There was a McAlisters Dairy Store located there in later years.  Sorry we can't fill you in on more information especially on dates.  Possibly some one can help fill in the blanks.  We vaguely remember a building being there at one time.  It's been a vacant lot for sometime now. 

It is now owned by the Village of Wellsville.   It's a good spot for commercial development of some sort. 

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Phil L. said...

Once again, thanks for sharing great pictures that help us understand Wellsville's history.

I knew that there were rail-related hotels near 3rd St. - but wasn't aware of a hotel up at 12th St. What was the rationale for this location? Was there once a rail station nearby?

************* said...

There was a second rail station at the corner of 12th & Riverside. It was smaller than the one at 3rd St. When the rail yards came to town they started at 12th. We have read somewhere that most of the homes and buildings from about 11th on down where originally built to accommodate the rail industry and their families.

We'll have to get a picture of the 12th Street station on here sometime.