Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Christian Planning "Mission Wellsville"

Members of Wellsville’s First Christian Church normally take a week each summer for a mission trip to some area impoverished and lend assistance to those less fortunate than ourselves.  It’s always a mission to share God’s love for their fellow man, build Christian relationships and bonds and to simply help others.  They help the elderly, the disabled and down-trodden repairing porches, building handicapped ramps, painting, cutting grass & weeds, etc.  They do just about anything they can to improve the quality of life for someone who just can’t afford it or is just unable to physically handle it.   It’s an outreach mission to share God’s blessings.
This year the members of Wellsville’s First Christian are taking a little different approach on their annual mission trip.  Instead of traveling to North Carolina, Mississippi or Georgia or someplace like that they are devoting their time and efforts to folks in and around the Wellsville area.  Most of the work will be done by high school & college age students.

Presently Youth Pastor Brandon Russell is trying to line up projects and is asking for suggestions.  Contact information is on the flyer shown here.  If you could use some help or know of someone who could use some assistance give Brandon a call.
This year’s mission will kick off with the churches’ 2nd Annual Make-A-Difference Day where the entire parish will join the younger members of the mission in a village clean-up project on Sunday, June 24, after services.  The public is invited to join in with members of the parish for the kick –off Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

We are so lucky to have such a group in Wellsville. It is great to hear that they are keeping their mission work close to home ! Good luck and thank you !

Candy said...

What a great thing "Mission Wellsville" is. This is one of the best things I have heard in a while. It is great to see, with the new Administration in place,
the enthusiasim to clean up and make the Village a better place spreading like wildfire. A huge thank you to Mission Wellsville. We are very blessed in the Village to have you.

************* said...

We apologize for the delay getting comments published. We just spent a week-end computer free, devoting time to family and Memorial Day.

We concur with the comments above and wish them all the sucess in the world. It's a novel idea and one that is much needed in our community. We hope others will follow suit - one step at a time. We thank the members of FCC for having the fortitude to take such an intiative.