Monday, May 7, 2012

Sheets Home Then & Now

Back around 1860 it was known as the Fred Sheets home at 6th & Main.  If you collect Wellsville memorabilia you have probably seen F.O. Sheets Photography on some of those old post cards. 

Today it is the home of Central Federal Bank.  There's been a lot of changes made but the original building is easily recognized when comparing the two.

The old photograph is on display in the Wellsville Room of the River Museum.

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Phil L. said...

Thanks for sharing!

I'm pleased to see that the roofline molding detail has been preserved, though the window arches have not survived.

I'd be curious to learn what has been done to the building over time. For example, there's now no longer a sign of the stone "beltline" that highlights the floor line at the entry level - so I wonder if much of the exterior was re-bricked at some point.

Still, a nice example of a historic building kept in good condition for modern use.

************* said...

We believe it has been bricked over some time in the past. As we said there have been many changes over the years. We're curious about the fire places since the chimneys are gone.


Phil L. said...

Sometimes, elegant fireplaces were left in place, even after the chimneys were gone.

The Wellsville house I lived in - just down Main St. from this one - likely had a number of fireplaces originally. When I lived there, all were gone - except for one that had an elegant dark marble mantle. It was very small (my parents complained it was too shallow to truly be useful as a fireplace), and probably mostly a showpiece, even in its day.

If I recall correctly, the chimney for that fireplace was still in place when we moved in - but was sealed off a few years later, due to water leak problems.

It'd be fun to find out what interior details have survived in the Sheets house. It'd be great to discover an original fireplace.