Thursday, December 1, 2011

WHS Basketball Team Digs In

These guys not only know how to play basketball they can plant trees too! With what is normally a day off the WHS Basketball Team, along with their coaches came out on a Sunday morning and helped plant new Cleveland Select Pear trees. The trees were put in between 4th & 5th Streets in the planters that are part of new sidewalk along Main.

With a couple of generous donations the Wellsville Tree Board was able to purchase the new trees in time to take advantage of the fall planting season. Members of the team did the digging, lugging and all the work to get them in the ground. Tim Householder provided the expertise in what had to be done. Householder is the grounds keeper for the Wellsville School District and tells us these trees won't grow much taller than 25 feet.

Tree Board member Pinky Gill stopped by to check the progress. She was so impressed she booked the team for a pizza party courtesy of Nick's Pizza. Even new Mayor-elect Susan Haugh stopped by to thank the team for their community contribution.

Hopefully those trees will be in full bloom come next spring beautifying part of the ville's business district. It was impressive seeing the teamwork with everyone pitching in to get the job done in short order. We were able to make it home for the 1 PM kick-off...

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Anonymous said...

What type of trees did they choose to plant? Is it an array of different kinds?

************* said...

They were all Cleveland Select Pear trees. Personally we think having them all the same will add to their beauty, especially along the same street.