Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wellsville Council Wraps Up 2011 Meetings

Thursday – December 15: The Wellsville Village Council met in the last regular scheduled meeting of 2011 at Village Hall this morning. Due to the holidays the meeting was moved up from the original scheduled date of December 20. All Council members were present. Also present was Mayor Joe Surace, Village Administrator Jim Saracco, Fiscal Officer Dale Davis & Zoning Administrator Rick Williams.

In the Mayor's Report, Surace remarked that it has been “a wonderful eight years” and wrapping up his term in office is both a sad & happy time for him. Surace opted not to seek re-election in November's General Election. Before moving on with the meeting the Mayor thanked all the Council members, his administration and wished Mayor-elect Sue Haugh the best of luck.

For the Finance Committee Chairman Tony Cataldo reported that as of November 30 the General Fund had $23,000. The total of all funds at the end of November was $383,698 and that was before paying a December payroll.

Chairman John McMahon for the Street Committee submitted a request for preliminary plans for the Port Authority to improve 0.29 miles of existing road at that facility. Engineer John Blair of Dallis Dawson & Associates noted in the letter that since the improvement is on a Wellsville street Council's approval is required prior to proceeding. The improvements will be at the Port Authority's expense with no cost to the Village. The plans were approved.

For the Sewage Committee Chairman Randy Allmon submitted two invoices from Pusateri Excavating for work done on the forced main. One was for $12,396 for the break near Wellsville Terminals that was declared an emergency. The other was for work done on the break in the line around 2nd Street where the contractor cut an electrical line to the only flood pump up there. That invoice was for $14,997.

There was much discussion on the repair of that electrical line. Cataldo noted a deadline was set by Council for that electrical line to be repaired and that has passed. Haugh explained that the contractor thought they could use aluminum wire to repair the line and has since learned they have to replace the copper wiring with copper per the Army Corp of Engineers. At present the contractor is trying to locate a supplier for the copper wire to comply with the Corp's specifications. Councilwoman Rosie Goss agreed to another deadline to have the line repaired, taking Pusateri on good faith that every attempt is being made to get the copper. The new deadline was set for February 1, 2012. Council agreed to authorize payment of the invoices.

Under the Legislation portion of the agenda four ordinances were declared an emergency, placed on third & final reading and adopted. One ordinance was to advertise for bids for repairs to the forced main that was begun without authorization. Work had to be halted when the original specifications were altered. The second ordinance passed awards Rudzik Excavating the bid to repair the forced main pump station at 2nd Street.

The last two ordinances are “house keeping” ones according to the Fiscal Officer. One was amending the appropriations for current expenses & expenditures for 2011 to put the budget in order. The last one was to approve a temporary budget for 2012 to get the year started. The actual 2012 budget has to be submitted to the County Auditor by March 31, 2012 according to Cataldo.

Before closing the meeting thanks and good-byes were made by Allmon, Soldano & McMahon, this also being their last meeting. Allmon presented a plaque of appreciation to the Mayor. McMahon noted he was appointed to fill an unexpired term his first time on Council and won the seat on his own right to his second term. Although not returning for another term he will be available to lend a hand any time he's needed.

Swearing in ceremonies for the new Mayor and new Council members is set for December 30 at Village Hall.

The meeting adjourned at 11:53 AM. The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 6 PM. Pictured above are Council members at the meeting today and Allmon presenting Surace his plaque.

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Why doesnt Randy Allmon and the
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