Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wellsville Volunteer Firefighters Night With Santa

Sunday - December 11: In order to make last minute arrangements with Santa for his rides around town the Wellsville Volunteers threw a party for him. They invited all the members of the department and their families. After ironing out the visit details and having a bite to eat Santa took time out to talk to the children and pass out early Christmas presents for each of them.

Before leaving to return to the North Pole Santa reminded us that he will be back next Saturday, December 17, and Monday, December 19, riding around town and Yellow Creek Township with the firemen to talk to all the children. He can only spare a couple of hours each evening from 7 to 9 PM. Santa said he and the elves are very, very busy this year but he did say he will come back on Thursday, December 22, if he missed anyone. Folks out in Yellow Creek Township are asked to call the department at 330-532-1338 to make arrangements.

All you need to do on those nights is turn on the porch light and wave the fire truck down when it gets close. Please do not let children run out into the street until one of the firemen tells you it's okay.

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