Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BWD To Purchase New Work Truck

Tuesday – December 6: The Buckeye Water District Board of Trustees held a Special Board Meeting yesterday at the Water Treatment Plant. Except for Dave Lloyd and Tim O'Hara all Board members were present along with District Manager Al DeAngelis, and Fiscal Officer Tony D'Angelo. The purpose of the meeting was to approve the purchase of a much needed work truck and to discuss pending legislation matters.

Members of the BWD Finance Committee, at an earlier meeting, approved recommending to the full board the purchase of a 2012 Ford F150 half ton truck. The vehicle will have a regular cab, a 5.2L engine with four-wheel drive and will cost $21,000. According to Asst. District Manager Todd Brown the next lowest quote was $24,000 for a 2011 truck. The money for the purchase will come from the General Operating Fund. The Board voted 7-0 to accept the Finance Committee's recommendation.

The need for the new truck came about when a 1990s model Blazer with 240,000 miles blew an engine. Prior to that the district had sold four other vintage vehicles all with over 200,000 miles that were becoming too costly to maintain.

Prior to closing the meeting the Board went into Executive Session to discuss the ongoing current litigation. Board President Mike Ryan advised there would be no decisions or announcements made as a result of the closed door session.

The BWD County Liaison Committee are scheduled to meet with the Columbiana County officials in the Engineers Office Wednesday, December 7. The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 15 at Wellsville Village Hall. The meeting is scheduled for 9 AM.

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