Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Save Immaculate Conception Church Committee To Hold Walk-A-Thon

Members of the Save The Immaculate Conception Church Committee will be holding a walk-a-thon around Broadway Park this coming Saturday morning, October 15. Traffic will be blocked from using either side of Broadway from 5th to 9th Street for the event.

For more information contact committee member Beverly Hentzell.

ole nib


DREAMER said...

Looking forward to a walk along beautiful Broadway Park. Hoping to see lots of people on Broadway showing support for a good cause. My dream is that the church will reopen one day soon so the broken hearted elderly parishioners will find comfort and joy in their home parish that they built.

Anonymous said...

If you check out St. Al's bulletin this week please take note that the names of people on their prayer list that are involved in the Save ICC Committee have been removed from the list. Shame on them, not very Christian like !

Anonymous said...

Not surprised that the names have been removed from the prayer list, this is the type of people that we are dealing with. We will continue to pray for them as well as the people removed from the list.

************* said...

A month ago we were talking to a K of C District Deputy. He said the new commandment for the members of the Youngstown Diocese is "you pay & you obey".

Fr. Peter doesn't give a crap about saving souls, etc. If you didn't respond to his Holy Trinity membership application you are obviously not contributing to his financial needs. You have probably been cast off. In his eyes you're probably not acting as good Catholics should.

That's probably why the Committee members on the pray list have been dropped.

May God have mercy on us all...


Anonymous said...

high five nib for again telling it like it is. if it looks like crap, smells like crap then that's what it is. it's a shame that st. al's treats Wellsville like they do. and they are catholics????