Friday, October 28, 2011

Immaculate Conception Members Move Saturday Prayer Services Indoors

Members of the Save Immaculate Conception Church Committee met Thursday evening at the Wellsville SOI Lodge. It was their regular weekly meeting held each Thursday for updates and announcements.

It was announced that there will be a change of location and time for the weekly Saturday afternoon prayer sessions. They have held the weekly sessions each Saturday afternoon since the Youngstown Diocese officials closed the Wellsville parish. Fellow Christians at the the United Methodist Churches in the village are making the First United Methodist church available for the Catholics to use. Co-chairman Tom Brophey said with the cold weather fast approaching it was decided to take United Methodist Pastor Ken Malone up on his offer.

First United Methodist is located at 501 Main Street. The time for the prayer service has been moved up to 3:30 PM and Brophey stated the time and location will remain the same each Saturday afternoon. Those attending the prayer sessions are to enter through the front door on the Main Street side.

It was also announced that Youngstown Diocese Bishop George Murry is expected to be at St. Ann's Saturday Mass this week.

Committee members are making plans for an Immaculate Conception Parish Christmas Party to be held Saturday, December 10, at the SOI Lodge. Plans are incomplete at present. For more information or to make reservations those interested are asked to contact Dolly Brophey at 330-532-1807.

Best wishes and prayers was offered for Chuck Amato, Nick DaLonzo, Joe Soldano Sr. and Theresa Betz.

Finally it was announced that the heat at the Immaculate Conception Church has been turned on to keep the building warm during the winter months. The gas and electricity had been shut off a few months ago. Members of the Committee were concerned about structural damage to both the building and the organ with freezing temperatures. Parishioners are still locked out of the church that many of their parents sacrificed over the years to finance and build. Relief from worry was expressed that at least the building and what contents remain won't be damaged with no heat.

The appeal to reactivate the Wellsville Catholic parish have been filed through Canon lawyers in Rome. Results of that appeal are still pending.

The Committee to Save Immaculate Conception Church meets each Thursday afternoon to keep the concerned parishioners informed of any updates or other announcements. They meet at the Wellsville SOI Lodge located at 327 Main St. The SOI snack bar is opened at 5:30 and the meeting starts at 6:30 PM.

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DREAMER said...

Thank you for posting this important announcement. A big THANKS to First United Methodist Church on the corner of 5th and Main for allowing our prayer services to be held inside their church. With the cold months fast approaching the warmth of their santuary will be appreciated. The outpouring support from other churches is appreciated.

Jane Buchmann-Phillips said...

Keep up the good fight. You have been in my thoughs and prayers

Jane Buchmann-phillips
Saltash, England

************* said...

Hey Jane - Aunt Carol told us about you following our blog. We noted your name but lost the dern piece of paper. Thanks for commenting and your kind words.

Now we have to go Google Saltash. Carol told us you're a couple of hours out of London near the channel.