Saturday, October 8, 2011

Plans Being Made For Wellsville Area Chamber Citizens of the Year Annual Dinner

The Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce is planning their annual “Citizens of the Year Dinner” for Wednesday evening, October 19. The dinner will once again be held at the Wellsville Alumni Center at 201 Third St. It will start with Social Hour at 6 PM with dinner to be served starting at 6:30 PM.

Guest speakers will be State Senator Jason Wilson and Attorney Jesse Zirillo. Zirillo does leasing and title work representing Chesapeake Energy for Mason Dixon Energy.

Reservations are $30 per person and seating is limited. For more information contact either Randy Allmon at 330-843-3475 or Connie Bauer at 330-843-2999. Chamber officials ask that reservations be made by October 12.

Pictured here are the Community Stars that are nominated for the Woman & Man of the Year. In the top picture left to right is Lisa Furguson, Bonny Beresford and Pinky Checkler-Gill. From the left for the men is Dale Barnhart, Jim Saracco and Tom Brophey.

This year's nominations for Business of the Year are Center Pharmacy, Holly Development and Wellsville Barber Shop.

All nominations are made by the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Winners are selected by secret ballot by all members of the Chamber.

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Anonymous said...

Brophey and Sarraco, are you kidding me? Is that the best wellsville has to offer for MAN of the year, give me a break. How about Tom Hackny from TnT garage, that man has MANY more things to qualify as a nomination..WOW.Please hurry up election day..

Anonymous said...

POLITICS Nib, ALL Politics..

Anonymous said...

Tom Hackney has one face not two, he would be a good addition to council.

Anonymous said...

About the council meeting, maybe Tony wasn't nibbing and the letter was handed to him. The rehire, protocol is ignored often it's no surprise, but people deserve 2nd chances. And something about the need to emphasize Large dog droppings seems odd, hopefully if asked the owner will be more respectful. Haven't noticed since last week, but has anyone told Tonda that Wellsville is a village not a city so she can fix her sign. Someone running for office should probably know that. Susie blue was a good choice on the signs. The others run together, and blue enhances positive mood. Hope the voters take this election seriously.

************* said...

We may be a little thick but we do not understand the Monday Hackney comment. What are you talking about?