Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anonymous Donar Jumps On the Wellsville Revitalization Committee's Train

Wednesday – June 15: The Shop Local campaign introduced last month by the Wellsville Revitalization Committee (WRC) is apparently picking up steam. The “Jump On The Train – Shop Local Campaign” sponsored by the Committee was reported in the local newspapers recently. The campaign encourages shoppers to at least try to shop locally before heading out of town for what they need. Statistically every dollar spent on goods and services in the Village keeps at least 45 cents of that dollar here.

As reported this evening by WRC President Candy Bangor that newspaper report caught the eye of one generous benefactor. After reading the report the benefactor came to Wellsville to personally visit the floodwall murals and to see the bicycle rack presented to Center Pharmacy last year for the 1st annual Community Pride Award. They liked what they saw and contacted the Committee. Bangor announced that the benefactor has pledged $10,000 to help complete the floodwall murals and to use the balance left over to continue the work of the WRC. Bangor said the benefactor wishes to remain anonymous and their wishes will be honored.

Started seven years ago the WRC began with the murals in hopes to attract visitors to Wellsville that would patronize local merchants. They joined the Main Street USA program with the goal to rejuvenate the business area of the village supporting Wellsville merchants and hoping this would attract new businesses. Toward that goal the Shop Local Campaign was initiated and has been well received by Wellsville merchants.

Future plans call for a dedication ceremony for the murals and a festival to commemorate the occasion. Once the $10,000 pledge is received they plan to get a bronze sculpture made of a young girl and boy sitting on a bench reading a book with part of that donation. If approved by the Wellsville Library Board of Directors it will be placed in front of the library along Main Street.

Bangor expressed deep gratitude for the very generous donation to the WRC and added it will enhance the committee's fund raising efforts such as the hot dog sales and the annual Village Yard Sale in the fall.

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confusednomore said...

Seems to me the Columbiana Library already has a bronze of a boy and girl sitting on a bench reading a book. Perhaps they would be amendable to selling it.

Also why is it that whenever I try to shop Wellsville anything I find I can get for less elsewhere? Even an ice cream cone at McDonalds that is only 50 cents in Columbiana or 80 cents in Calcutta is $1.00 in Wellsville. Other things are priced similarly.

get real said...

why the hell would columbiana want to SELL its statue? This is the kind of narrow-minded thinking that causes nothing to ever progress down here.
I"d like to know when you ever found an ice cream cone ANYWHERE that cost just 50 or 80 cents.

Tyroneshoelaces said...

And everything was more expensive at the Ace Hardware on Broadway. But they were good guys who always had what you needed and they would get it for you if they did not have it. I patronized there store while I was re-building my house and I could have bought things cheaper elsewhere. Now if you need a bolt or a nut or a screw or even a 2x4, you have to go to Milligan’s or Bowyer’s to get it. That .25 cent screw at Ace that you could get at Milligan’s for .15 cents now costs you almost a dollar just to drive to East Liverpool and back. But………. You saved .10 cents…. Think about wanting an ice cream cone and having to go to East Liverpool to get one. With the cost of gas these days, what have you saved? Think about it and think hard!

Anonymous said...

It's really not that confusing at all. Just a simple matter of understanding economics. But I suspect you already know that big (chain) stores can power buy their inventory & therefore sell for less. Btw power buy meaning buying in volume at a cheaper price. Mom & pop stores in a geographical location larger than Wellsville can perhaps sell an ice cream cone for .50, what is their population in Columbiana? The demographics of an area have to support a business owners plan. Shop local is still a good thing even if you have to leave the village for certain items, get what you can here. In the meantime if you want to spend $5.00 in gas driving to Columbiana to get ice cream for .50; go for it.

Anonymous said...

Confused brought up a valid point about the ice cream cone. This is not a mom and pop store we're talking about....this is McDonalds. Get Real is right about the narrow-mindedness.