Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wellsville Village Council

Tuesday – May 17: The Wellsville Village Council held a regular meeting this past Tuesday evening at Village Hall. Present at the meeting was President Pro-Tem Randy Allmon and Council Members Susan Haugh, Joe Soldano, Rosie Goss, John McMahon & Tony Cataldo. Also attending was Village Administrator Jim Saracco, Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Legal Adviser Andy Beech and Zoning Administrator Rick Williams.

In the Public Speaking portion of the agenda Rick Williams, speaking as a 15th Street resident, requested that the Wellsville Eagles be permitted to block off the parking along the curb on Main Street from the old 356 bar up to the mobile home next door to Quik King for a June 25 motorcycle event. The event is called the “Paws-R-Riding On It” and will benefit the CC Humane Society, the Hancock County, Animal Shelter and Wellsville's Alley Cat Aid Brigade. Parking would be blocked off from 9 AM to 1 PM to accommodate the motorcycles. Council approved that the parking be blocked for the fund run providing proper paper work is completed and it is also approved by both the Police Chief and the Fire Chief.

Jack Cataldo of Riverside, speaking on behalf of the Liberty Theater Renovation group, thanked the 12 people that showed up for last month's clean-up work detail. He said they especially wanted to thank Daileys for donating a dumpster, Rodger Minor for bringing up his front end loader to lift items into the dumpster, Blaine Perry for hauling away recyclable items and Shawn Heiny for the gutter work. Cataldo announced there will be another clean-up party on Saturday, June 11 from 10 AM to 1 PM. He also reminded all of the benefit baked chicken dinner at the Alumni Center on Wednesday, June 22. Proceeds from that dinner go to the theater renovation efforts.

Village Administrator Saracco reported that they haven't quit patching pot holes. However the company that supplies the hot patch got a big order from the State for a different type that costs $100 per ton more then what the Village uses. Since the Village can not afford that type it will be two weeks before any more hot patch is available to resume filling pot holes.

John McMahon asked if that was the only place available to get hot patch. Saracco replied that is the closest place. There is a place in Martins Ferry but it is too far away and the hot patch is unusable by the time it gets to town. Joe Soldano advised there is a company in Weirton called Kelly Paving. He had contact information and believes the cost is about the same as what the Village is paying. Soldano added that Yellow Creek Township gets patch from them. Soldano added “we have to hit this harder than what we're hitting it. Residents have put up with this long enough”. Soldano then inquired if it was possible to get two truck loads at a time to double the amount of patching done. Saracco responded he did not have the people to handle two trucks at a time. Saracco added with the rainy weather lately it's been too wet to patch. Then they argued about the number of good weather days there has been in the past two weeks.

Saracco then reported that a Canfield company called Everflow Eastern has checked out parcels of land owned by the Village and advises Chesapeake is interested in drilling for natural gas. Saracco added he thinks Council should get together, set up a meeting and make up their minds on what they want to do.

Councilwoman Haugh noted that as Property Committee Chair she would like to be informed of any additional meetings of this nature. At a Committee meeting a few weeks ago she suggested Council look into this. Saracco replied he was wondering why she wasn't at the meeting they had. Haugh responded she wasn't informed of any meetings. Later it was learned that both Soldano and Cataldo sat in on these meetings.

Cataldo announced there will be a Finance Committee meeting this Thursday, May 19 at 2 PM to compare 2010 Local Government figures with estimated 2011 figures and other items.

For Streets, Lights & Parking John McMahon noted there was a problem with a Riverside resident opening an alley that is on private property. McMahon advised he did not give permission for this to be done and it is now a civil matter for the land owners to resolve.

Council approved that a $21,279 payment be made to Mike Pusateri Construction for digester work ongoing at the Sewage Treatment Plant. Cataldo remarked that the new digesters are not operational yet. There is still sludge awaiting test results at the plant. For that reason there is still an odor coming from there.

For Personnel Soldano advised that copies of the 2004 Personnel Policy have been made and reminded the Village Administrator that the employees are to read and sign off on.

Councilwoman Rosie Goss inquired about the status of the drug testing policy and whether the Village was going to use a Calcutta company. That is still under consideration.

Goss also offered her help with anything she can do with keeping the Immaculate Conception Church open.

For Legislation Council voted to suspend rules and adopted an ordinance to participate with ODOT in purchasing rock salt for the 2011-2012 Winter Season. That ordinance passed the first reading at the last Council meeting.

For New Business Allmon noted that as Acting Mayor he has received a couple of anonymous letters that were actually pretty good. However since the sender was anonymous they were discarded. Allmon reminded anyone that sends letters must have a valid signature to be considered.

The meeting adjourned at 6:29 PM. The next scheduled regular meeting is Tuesday, June 7 at 6 PM at Village Hall.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Soldano and rest of Council Members for complaining about the pothole problem. We know the Village workers are not the blame they can only do so much. We are so sick of Saraccos excuses, he has been making them since his first day in office. Do what you are told, other people know how to solve problems, listen to them. We taxpayers deserve better.

scoop said...

Congrats to Rosie Goss for offering to help with keeping the catholic church in town. This would be a huge loss to the village. They all should be fighting to keep what little we have left here in our village. This will have a ripple effect that will harm businesses and the whole village. The acting mayor should be all over this since he is also president of the chamber.

Anonymous said...

I to would like to thank Joe Soldano also for trying to get more potholes fixed. I lost a tire and tie rod to a hole. I was going to turn it in to the Village, but I was told by a former Councilman not to waste my time, it would not get paid.

Anonymous said...

At least some Council people care about the taxpayers. Saracco should have quit long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Thats what I like about Soldano and Goss, they speak their mind.
They don't sit back like some of the Council Members. Please continue to stick up for the people.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone actually understand that it has rained almost continuously this year and that (1) cold mix is temporary so why waste mney throwing it into potholes when it's going to come right back out (2) hot mix is ONLY good when it is HOT and IF the company makes it (and it doesn't always if the weather is bad, knowing that communities can't use it if it's pouring down rain) it must be transported back to town and used IMMEDIATELY or it hardens and is be used properly, the holes need to be clean and DRY! WHY would saracco have the workers go get hot mix on days when they obviously couldn't find a dry spot anywhere! He's trying to save the town's money whether you believe it or not.

Amen said...

I agree. Everyone in the Village should be interested in the Church remaining. It is more important
to keep the Church in town than
build a new fire station we don't need, and on a flood plain at that.

Anonymous said...

That's funny Saracco saving money. He has wasted more money then 10 people. That trailer he bought for the cemetery sitting behind village hall useless, just one of many . He not council has spent thousands of dollars wasted, ask the fiscal officer.We do know he does what he is told, right or wrong, that's why Surace keeps him.

peas&carrots said...

Dear Amen,

It is sad that the people may be losing their church, but how is it the responsibility of the village's to save it? The village has no authority over the church, or any church when it comes to operations. Maybe, a group of members can go to council and ask that they send a letter to Youngstown, but other than that, what can they really do?

I disagree about the fire station. Members of the WVFD and WFD are trying to find grant money to build a new station and hall. They are doing their best to try to find ways to generate money for the village and offer a service to the people. I applaud them for their hard work and effort! And as far as a flood plain goes, isn't much of Wellsville in a flood plain? They are well aware of it, and know what needs to be done. The firemen know more about the flood system than anyone!

Anonymous said...

I have to respectfully disagree. we do not need a new fire station and they could expand where they are. We need many things before we need a new fire station in a village with three thousand and some people who need sidewalks, flood wall pumps,and on and on and on. All of Wellsville is in a flood zone but that is definitly in a high risk area.

************* said...

If the new fire station comes to being it will not cost the Village a penny according to the plan presented to Council. If it all comes together the Village will not be any worse off than it is now plus they would have a new Fire Station with income making possibilities.


Anonymous said...

Token of appreciation and an attempt to clarify the WFD/WVFD situation. Yes we are attempting to build a new station within Village limits to ensure not only the safety of the residents, but also the safety of the responders. We currently have less than 18 inches of clearance between the trucks. An extreme hazard to all individuals within the department.

We are attempting to complete the project at the leg work of department personnel working diligently in an attempt to do this at little to no cost to the Village. We are all residents as well and know the burdens of financial realities in the Village. The property has been deemed in a floodplain, but that to has been accounted for with the engineering calling for the grounds to be elevated out of the plain.

We can expand where we are but the price to modify the existing department to a level of guidance currently required it would not be cost efficient to get to the specifications. We seek not to build a million dollar station, but a modest and functional department using whatever funds we can find available in grant and foundation monies.

We are entertaining all ideas and identified problems by having bi-weekly meetings in our pursuit of funding sources. We only attempt to this to better serve and protect the Village and increase the safety of our own. Please try to remember a lot of us do this on a volunteer basis and do it strictly for the love we all have of the Village and her residents.

Oh and personally I don't want to see the church close either. It is the place where my wife and all my children have been confirmed, baptized, etc... Anything lost in the Village, we all lose.

Tim Long

and thanks old Nib as always best place to find info on the Ville.

Amen said...


Just because I don't agree with you
you could still post my comments.


Amen said...

What are the income capabilities
and why do they not exist at the
fire station we have now. Being no worse off than before doesnt
mean we should build a fire station instead of, say, fix the
pumps. If we flood, it really won't matter I guess. Now that we are a Village and shrinking, do we even need a paid fire department. Maybe we need a volunteer fire dept. and save the Village, that is so broke it can't do anything, some money. Do you have the balls to post this or are you still going to supress others points of view?

Anonymous said...

First of all, the Village can't afford the current fire station as is. They are always over budget. The village would have to pay, who will pay the loan back. Wake up, Wellsville needs a hell of a lot more things than a new fire station.Even if it is built, the village would not be able to pay for the upkeep. It is nice to dream, but get real.

Anonymous said...

Wow, if the WFD wants to try to raise funds and attain grants to build a station that insures their safety better and continues to help protect the residents; instead of complaining maybe a thank you is in order. To raise the funds will be quite a challenge and accomplishing the goal a lot of work. About the flood wall, has a group been designated to focus on fundraising for it's repair? Or is this councils domain and if so are the having strategy meetings? I like the idea of knowing in the event of a fire there are people trained to help. Has any progress been made with the floodwall issue? Grant search or anything?

Anonymous said...

The village should think about what is the best possible use for the ninth street property. Does it bring growth, jobs or revenue to village that they always claim is in such dire straits. I also think the fire dept. can expand and modify where they currently reside.