Wednesday, May 25, 2011

K-9 Ryot Steals the Show

The Wellsville Crime Watch Committee had a “Meet the Cop” night at their monthly meeting this past Thursday. President Janet Taggart presided.

The officers in attendance was Chief Joe Scarabino, Lt. Ed Wilson, and Officers Steve Rodgers, Marsha Eisenhart, Howard Williams, James Cannon, Justin Wright, Joe Rayle, Shawn Bloor, Ryot, Tony Mancuso and the newest guy, Ben Taylor. Each officer introduced themselves and gave a brief history of their service in the Wellsville Police Dept.

Then Officer Mancuso brought in K-9 Officer Ryot. Ryot is a Belgian Malonois and stoled the show. The 44 pound K-9 greeted everyone present, some with hugs and kisses. Mancuso is Ryot's handler. The nearly seven month old K-9 has earned her certification in narcotics detection, evidence recovery and tracking. Her next certification will be in bite work, officer protection and building searches.

Macuso reported she is already responsible for five or six drugs busts. She has also helped the Liverpool Twp. PD and the State Patrol. Mancuso also gave a brief description of the special equipment acquired for Ryot for her to do her job. He extended his thanks to Wellsville Feed for donations of food and the Pete Amato Foundation, Wellsville Terminals, Wal-Mart and others for the donations that made it possible to get the equipment. With an on the job expectancy of 10 years Ryot will be around for sometime.

Before the close of the meeting Officer Howard Williams thanked everyone that voted for the police levy that was on the Primary ballot. The Wellsville officers treated everyone to refreshments and a tour of the Police Station following the meeting.

Next Crime Watch meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 16 at 6 PM at Village Hall. The guest speaker will be Cathy Grizinski of the Crisis Center.

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