Saturday, April 7, 2012

Remember Wellsville's 532 Main Street???

Some of you may remember this house that was located at 532 Main Street. That spot today is the parking lot of Shoub Towers just to the right of the building and across the street from the Twisted Stone. We don't have the exact age of the building but the first picture has a date of July, 1902 written on the back. The gentleman on the right is believed to be Alexander Wells. He was the last surviving child of William Wells, the town's founder and name sake. Unfortunately we have no idea who the others pictured there were.

The second picture shows the house as it last appeared before it was demolished to make room for Shoub Towers. The last residents to live there was the Catherine & Houston Henderson family. We been told Mrs. Henderson was a Spanish teacher in the Wellsville School District and Mr. Henderson had a television/radio repair shop. Judging from the car shown parked on Main Street we're guessing this picture was taken sometime in the early to mid 1950s. It is part of what is believed to be the Bucky Moore collection.

The alley that was just to the right of this house is still in place. It goes from Main Street to Riverside. You can see the rear corner of the house that use to sit on the other side of that alley. That too is now a parking lot. The back of that house faced the back of the Riverside Presbyterian Church. You can see part of the church roof between the two houses.

Both pictures are property of the Wellsville Historical Society. We found them in the archives filed at the Riverside Museum.

We think it's fun to look back in time through these to remember how things in the 'ville once were...

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Phil L. said...

Thanks for sharing the picture.

Both pictures are well before my time in Wellsville - but your comment about Mr. Henderson having a television and radio repair shop sparked a thought: Almost across the street from that house, at 511 Main, was (when I was there) Kelly-Cataldo TV. Current searches show it to be Kelly TV & Satellite.

Is there a possibility Mr. Henderson's shop was a predecessor to those businesses - and was in that same location years before?

************* said...

Phil - We were told Mr. Henderson had his business in his house. The building across the street that Kelly - Cataldo was in has a stone toward the top of the front that says Jones Confectionary.


Phil L. said...

Well - I'll admit I never noticed the Jones Conectionary name. There's all kinds of interesting history in Wellsville.

Thanks for sharing!

************* said...

WE're betting that building was erected for the Jones business. Haven't really delved into it much but seem to think there have been many businesses in that little building over the years.

We can easily see the logic thinking Mr. Henderson might have had his business in there.