Saturday, April 28, 2012

Garfield Elementary 3rd Graders Observe Arbor Day

Arbor Day was observed in Wellsville yesterday with Mayor Susan Haugh issuing a special proclamation. The Wellsville Tree Committee organized the special event with Garfield Elementary's entire 3rd Grade taking part. The Elks Lodge 1040 hosted the observance, entertainer Kenny Beaver sang and members of Heritage WTI presented a special program for the students.

According to the Mayor's proclamation J. Sterling Morton proposed to the Nebraska Board of Agricultural in 1872 that a special day should be set aside for the planting of trees. That special day was named Arbor Day and was first observed with the planting of more than a million trees in Nebraska.

Trees can reduce the erosion of our topsoil, cut energy costs for heating and cooling , clean the air we breathe, produce life giving oxygen and provide a habitat for wildlife. Trees are a renewable source of wood and paper and countless other products.

WTI employees Don “Mass” Miller, Cris Noel and Raymond Wayne had a presentation on their efforts at the plant, located in East Liverpool's East End, to keep the environment “green” around the plant.

Prior to helping to take part in the planting of a tree along Riverside winners were announced for the Arbor Day poster contest. First place went to Ashley Durbin, second to Emma Smith and two third place winners were E. Dierringen and Dakota Long. All the students were given coupons for treats at Nick's Pizza and Wellsville's Dairy Queen.

Tree Committee Chairwoman Dawn Johnston explained the anatomy of a tree pointing out how the root system gathers nourishment for growth. Committee member Gwen Murphy supervised the planting of a Japanese Royal Empress tree. The Royal Empress is a fast grower, growing up to 15 feet per year and reach full growth in three to five years.

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