Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wellsville Voters Will Decide Mayor & Council Races Next Tuesday

In just six days Wellsville voters get their chance to voice their opinions at the polls. The November General Election is next Tuesday, November 8. It's the voters chance to decide who will run our Village.

Wellsville voters will be selecting a new mayor to replace Joe Surace. Surace completes his second term at the end of the year and has decided not to run for a third term. There are four candidates on the ballot running for the Mayor's Office. They are Susan Haugh, Nancy Murray, Jack Cataldo and Joe Soldano Jr. Haugh and Soldano are currently serving as members of Council. Murray is a political new comer and Cataldo has previous Council experience.

There are four seats on Village Council the voters will be considering on who should represent their voice in Village government. Political newcomers John Morrow and Tonda Ross are two new names on this year's ballot. Former Council members Diane Dinch and Don Brown are also candidates for one of those four seats. Incumbents John McMahon, Randy Allmon and Tony Cataldo filed for re-election.

There are three members for the Wellsville Board of Education who's term will expire December 31 and three unopposed candidates on the ballot. They are Karen Dash, Mike Cook and Ed Bauer.

There are three state issues on the Wellsville ballot and one Village issue on proposed electrical aggregation. One of the state issues is whether to approve the controversial Ohio Senate Bill 5 commonly called the “union busting issue”. Wellsville voters have a say in whether to approve that bill by voting on Issue 2.

We've decided not to endorse any particular candidate or issue leaving that decision up to the voters. All the candidates are registered voters and we're happy with that.

The deadline to register for voting has passed. However if you're unsure you're registered or where to go vote check the CC Board of Election web site. All that information is on their easy to navigate web sit plus you can pull up a sample ballot for your precinct. You can start at The polls open at 6:30 AM next Tuesday and remain open until 7:30 PM.

Shown above are pictures of Wellsville candidates that appeared at the 'Meet The Candidates' evening last Wednesday. It was sponsored by a group of concerned Wellsville citizens. The candidates for mayor were also invited to the monthly Chamber luncheon last Thursday.

Your vote is important no matter who you vote for. It's one way to have a definite voice in how your government is run.

See you at the polls...

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Anonymous said...

This is going to be a very exciting election. I have my choice of mayor in mind, but whoever wins I will be okay with it. We need to get behind the new mayor and get Wellsville back on track.

Anonymous said...

Yes any of the four will be a refreshing change, nice to see council open for change as well. Hope people recognize the importance of this election. It only takes a few minutes to cast your votes.

Anonymous said...

normally, voters don't have ANYONE to choose from. Wellsville voters have a very good slate of mayoral candidates, any one of them would be good.

Charlie H. said...

After hearing the mayoral candidates give their ideas and plans as a mayor, I was impressed. Their ideas and goals sound refreshing as compared to our current mayor. I don't understand why Mayor Surace is just "biding" his time now. He is still the mayor of Wellsville. Work until your time is done! I am looking forward to the election. Change is Good!

My humble opinion said...

My votes:

Mayor: Haugh

Council: Dinch, Brown, Ross, Morrow

Let’s show this Village how to rock!