Friday, November 4, 2011

Wellsville Student Body Give Football Players A Resounding "GO TIGERS!"

Before the dismissal bell rang today the Wellsville High School student body took part in a pep rally to show their support for the play-off bound Tiger football players. The Tigers finished the regular season in the number 7 spot on the Division VI - Region 21 OHSAA poll. It earned them a ticket to the first round of the play-offs in their division. It's a ticket a Wellsville football team hasn't seen in 10 years.

Tomorrow the Wellsville Orange & Black travel to Shadyside to play in that fist round of the play-offs. Their classmates assembled to wish them all the luck in the world this afternoon.

Kick off is 7 PM Saturday evening in a sea of Orange & Black at Fleming Field in Shadyside, Ohio. It will be the Wellsville Tigers vs the Shadyside Tigers.

Good Luck Wellsville! We're behind you 100%.

ole nib


Anonymous said...

Best of luck to our Tigers tonight. Win or lose, we are very proud of you and are happy for the school and community.

Also, on another side note, in the real estate transfers today we noted that Planck Industries has purchased 176 acres in Yellow Creek Township for one million dollars. The one million dollar amount certainly got our attention. Sounds like they are serious about coming to Columbiana County.

Still awaiting to hear about the village selling village property for gas drilling.With budget woes facing the village we certainly could use the revenue.

************* said...

Planck is the outfit that is taking over the Baard project. Wonder if buying all that acreage is a sign that the Port Authority is going to be left holding the bag on the land they bought???

The Village Council voted yesterday, passing a resolution to sign a letter of understanding with ALOV. ALOV is the nonprofit group that is representing land owners negotiating drilling deals. We haven't got all the details yet but we suspect Susie Haugh has worked out a good deal for Wellsville. She seems to be the only one that was actively working on that. We suspect that is why she was tardy for the Meet the Candidates affair. There is suppose to be some kind of announcement coming very soon. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

I t hink it was ALOV, not Susan Haugh, who negotiated the deal.